Has the Judge ruled in your favour?

Copyright © 2019 Author

Anthony Egar


Christmas 2018 and our family are playing games.
Card games, board games etc.
They are playing to win.
It is only a game, but it is still important to win.
Why does everyone want to be a winner.
Turn on the TV and the professional sports people are pushing themselves to the limit.
The politicians love winning elections.
Sometimes they will even cheat to win.

Humans are wired to win.

Let me ask you a question.

“Are you a winner?”

One of the most important places to win, is in court.
If you lose you may go to jail or lose your house.
But if you walk out of the court a winner.
Then the judge or jury has ruled in your favour.
Maybe you did not deserve to win, but won anyway.
Congratulations, that victory may last for years.
You will always remember how you felt.
But if you lose, then the feeling is bad, really bad.
Losing in any area feels bad.
Even losing a video game feels bad.
The winner jumps up and parades around the room.
The loser goes quiet or throws their hat onto the floor.

This book is a journey of discovery.
The question once again is.

“Are you a winner?”

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