Being Right Makes You Strong

Hello my name is Tony and my lovely wife’s name is Lorna.
We are a Christian couple from Brisbane, Australia.
This week is Christmas and I am on holiday.
I have just turned on the television and an Australian writer is being interviewed.
Apparently, he has had a lot of success as a writer of fiction novels.
I have never heard his story before.
Here is part of the interview.

In 1986, Michael left Australia and went to London, where he worked as a reporter for various UK national newspapers before becoming a staff feature writer.
As a senior feature writer, he investigated an ex-brother from the Catholic Church.
This man had been kicked out of the church.
He then started a charity for children in India.
Michael investigated this man and his charity work.
He flew to India and interviewed some children who claimed to have been abused.
Michael then wrote a newspaper article exposing this man for child abuse.

This man then sued for defamation.

Michael said, “we thought the judge was on our side the whole time.
But the jury awarded this man damages of $17,000.”

“I walked out of the court and felt terrible.
I had promised the children they would be protected.
And now I had lost the court case.
This made the other man look like a winner and made me feel like a loser.
I quit being a journalist that day.
I had believed the truth would prevail.
I felt let down by the justice system.
That happened 20 years ago and I still feel upset.”

The interview continued on, but I was stirred by this story of winning or losing court cases.
I know how it can affect you for years after.
I have watched some of my friends go to court and win or lose.
Also I have had personal experiences in the courts of Australia.

Losing is a terrible feeling especially when you believe you are in the right.
When you win, you walk out of that court knowing the right decision was made by the judge.
Being right makes you strong.

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