Get My Attention

One of my customers owns a Hot Rod.
Recently I was at his house doing some work.
After I finished the job, I asked my customer about his Hot Rod.
He had built a prize winning Hot Rod and I had seen it a few times when I had worked at his house.
He said he had sold the Hot Rod to a man who lived in another part of Australia.
This man already had his own Hot Rod, but it was not a winning Hot Rod.
This man had seen my customer’s Hot Rod win first prize at a competition.
He had taken a photo of the car and put it on his mobile phone.
When my customer put the car up for sale this man rang him and bought the Hot Rod.

Then my customer said,
“That man took my Hot Rod down to a competition in another State and won first prize.”
My customer, by selling his prize-winning Hot Rod to this stranger had turned this stranger into a winner.
This car was winning trophies for someone else.

After my customer told me this story, I drove home wondering if there was a message in the story I had just heard? Because I am a Christian I always listen very carefully when my customers tell me their stories. Just in case God is speaking through them.
Was God trying to get my attention?

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