Healing Testimony

We received this email requesting prayer nearly two years ago.

Hello Tony and Lorna, 15‎ ‎Aug‎ ‎2017

I was searching online for an inspirational healing prayer and found your video clips.
I have a rare inherited blinding eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa…
I also have cataracts…basically my world is fading away.
I was diagnosed with this eye condition at 25yrs of age,
I am now 50yrs and have prayed every single day for healing…
there is no cure.
So I am desperately hoping and believing for a miracle as I have recently gone through a rapid loss of vision.

I feel that God has led me to you and I would be eternally grateful if you could intercede in prayer for full restoration of my eyesight…..
Thank-You in advance!!!

God Bless You Both Abundantly,

Petula… from Queensland, Australia.


Good morning Tony and Lorna, 20 March 2019
I was going through my mailbox and came across this email I sent to you a couple years ago.
I went through a lot, since I sent the first email…in fact,
I went totally blind and had a total nervous breakdown last year.

But I was led to a fantastic surgeon who restored my eyesight…it’s a very long and AMAZING story.
God works in mysterious ways and my eyes are seeing perfectly clear!!I have better than 20/20 vision.
It is a total miracle and every day I am so grateful and embracing life.

I feel like a bird that has been released from a dark cage.

There were many prayers going out for me, but I just want to say a huge ‘Thank-you’ for keeping in your prayers ~ God is always orchestrating behind the scenes…even in our darkest hour.
God Bless, from Petula.

“Hello Petula, wow what an amazing email.
Your story is so encouraging.
Are you going to write down your experience?
It would be so good for us and others to read about such a heartbreaking “night of the soul” and then a happy climax.
We did keep praying for you and hoping for a miracle.
But we would have never imagined a surgeon would suddenly pop up and be able to restore your sight.
Would you say a little prayer, so that we can have 20/20 vision.
Once again, thanks for keeping in touch.
We are sorry that you had to suffer so much pain.
But now you are free.
Praise God, and bless you for your perseverance.
God’s richest blessings from Tony and Lorna.”


21 March 2019… Morning Tony and Lorna,

Our God makes a way through the darkest valley.

I will definitely keep you both in my prayers.
Sometimes we have to go through a long process of hope, trust and faith before breakthrough….but the key is to keep your eyes fixed on Christ and trust His timing, as He is always orchestrating all things for our higher purpose. It’s been a long journey for me….

I had to go into the long 2 hr surgery (each eye) in faith, not knowing if I would ever see the light of day again…I was broken and totally surrendered to God’s will for my life, but He rescued me.

My surgeon told me, if I proceeded with surgery there was a huge chance it would fail, and even if surgery was successful, I could only expect to regain 15% vision.

But I proceeded in faith, and now I have beautiful perfect vision.

When I was taken into be prepared for surgery, I was totally overwhelmed to find the Pastor Errol, who baptised me 12yrs ago, also being prepped for eye surgery.

I hadn’t seen him or attended church for many years, and only a few days before my surgery I wanted to call him and ask for prayer, but couldn’t bring myself to ask as I hadn’t been to church for such a long time.

I had no idea, he was also facing surgery and was scheduled to go in just before me. I told him how I wanted to call and ask for prayer, and he replied “Well you didn’t have to call, because here I am”….

It was truly divinely orchestrated, and Ps Errol prayed for me there and then in the operating surgery. I knew in my spirit that no matter what, God was with me in my darkest hour…. He always was and always will be.

There’s a lot more to my testimony and I haven’t written it down (yet), but it is in my heart and I have encouraged many others going through dark places of despair with my story of restoration.

Thank-You again,


Hi Petula, thanks for your detailed email.
We were both wondering what the surgeon thought about your miracle.
Is he a Christian?
How did he react to such an amazing result?
The pastor who prayed for you must have been thrilled.
Once again, thank you for contacting us and sharing the Good News.
God bless from Tony and Lorna.

Good evening, Tony and Lorna.

My surgeon was absolutely astounded at my miraculous recovery…
He jokingly said performing my eye surgery took 10yrs off his life as it was so complicated.
He is such a skilled surgeon and beautiful soul, but I’m not sure if he is a Christian.
His assistant, Claire is a Christian and openly told me she was praying for a miracle for me.
Claire did all my routine checks leading up to and following surgery and got very emotional and cried when I read the eye chart 20/20 and then I read the line below that, so I can see even better than 20/20
And Yes, Pastor Errol is so happy for my outcome…he also had a brilliant outcome for his eye surgery.
It has been a restoration not only for my eyesight, but my Spirit and I have been attending church again after many years.

God is Good

God Bless and I will always be grateful for your prayers.

Petula from Queensland, Australia.

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