Lost Your Money

This is for those who have lost their money because other people did the wrong thing.
It is so hard to recover from injustice.
Like the story I told you about the journalist who lost a court case.
He just gave up.
But he found a new way to express his talents.
Here is a short encouragement for those who have been badly treated in life.

Last night I was watching a T.V. program about air safety.
A jet carrying cargo took off from the airport and suddenly the back-right hand rudder got stuck.
The plane zoomed up into the air and became uncontrollable.
The pilots wrestled with the controls, but they were not able to land the jet safely.
It was a disaster.
The investigation found a minor mistake was made by a mechanic.
The mechanic had not locked a bolt into position properly.
Now three pilots were dead.
Someone makes a mistake and other people pay the price.
How annoying is that?
You go about your life not harming anyone.
And suddenly disaster strikes.
Not your fault…their fault.

How do you cope with that?
All you want is justice.
But no-one cares…. everyone is asleep.

Sometimes parents start a charity or a foundation.
They have lost a child and they turn their grief into a vision to help others.
That is honourable.

Sometimes, justice does catch up with the offender and he/she goes to jail for life.

But what about some healing and restoration.
We need an answer for the pain, the anger, the hurt.
Am I about to suggest some simple solution…not likely?
Let’s just look at how nature copes.

A fire burns down a forest.
Over time the dead trees start rotting.
The soil absorbs the nutrients.
Eventually the seeds that were hidden in the soil…sprout.
The forest grows back.
Yes, this may take a long time, but it happens.
Nature depends on the seeds that have already fallen from years past.
Because they were buried, they were safe from the fire.

So here is my lesson I see in nature.
It all depends on hidden seed.

Alright, back to your situation.
You have been affected by someone who did the wrong thing.
Now you are hurting and looking for a way out.
At lot depends on what sort of person you are.
Maybe you easily forgive and forget.
That is very unusual…congratulations.
Maybe you get angry and want revenge.
That is more common.
Maybe you have had a major breakdown.
That will be hard to recover from.

I have one more question for you.

What seed is buried within you?

Sorry to do this, but there is still one more little question.
Here it is.


If you have the potential for greatness, your response to tragedy will be great.

No tragedy can burn those seeds of greatness, if they are buried deep enough.
If greatness is not within you, then you are free to respond anyway you want.
But if greatness is in you, then your response must reflect that greatness.

Here are some other ways to describe greatness.
Noble character.
Great integrity.
Highly honourable.
A person of high standing.
Wise and compassionate.
A person who chose life.

Have you considered that somewhere in your past, someone, somehow, deposited some treasure into your life?
Treasure that you can dig up from deep within.
A deposit, that until now you were not aware of.

As I write these words, I can feel them being pulled out of me.
Is there someone out there who needs to hear these words?
Your need is impacting me right now.
I hope this small article finds you and blesses you.
May God heal you from your suffering.
I pray for a word of wisdom for your situation.
A wisdom, that will drop into your heart today.

Written by Tony Egar 

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