Story of Forgiveness

This Story of Forgiveness is from a book called:
A Brief History of Revival in New Zealand.
By Jenny Sharkey.

New Zealand in the 1800’s was being ravaged by revenge wars between the different tribes.
This made the work of the missionaries almost impossible.
In April 1835 Rev Alfred Brown opened a mission station at Matamata.
His early converts were a father and daughter.
The daughter was given a book of Luke.
She kept the book in a small woven purse and tied it around her neck.
The father and daughter moved away from the area because they did not want to be involved in the revenge wars.
They were Christians now and wanted to live in peace.
But they were attacked by another tribe.
The daughter was killed and her heart cut out as an act of revenge for an earlier murder that her tribe had committed.
In the middle of this horrible tragedy the father refused to take revenge.
He forgave the killers and trusted God to bring justice for his daughter.
Someone in the war party took the Bible [ the book of Luke] from the daughters body.
Eventually it fell into the hands of someone else in the tribe who could read.

One day the daughter’s killer heard it being read and became a Christian.
He repented and confessed his sin.
He asked God to forgive him.

He went to the father and asked for his forgiveness.
The father forgave him.

This act of forgiveness led to a time of peace between the warring tribes.

I was really impressed by this powerful story of forgiveness.
And felt to share it; for anyone who is struggling to forgive.
Forgiveness is a key for healing.
It opens the door of our hearts.
Let forgiveness flow out of you today like a river.
Forgive everyone… for everything.
For the past, present and future.
And may God’s healing grace flood into you, and every area of your life.
Into your body.
Into your mind.
Into your heart.
Into your finances.
And into all your relationships.

The healing power of love can change your life.
It can turn you into a new person.
Open your heart to receive this love.

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