A Creative Force

Most Christians accept the fact that you can increase your faith by hearing and believing in the Word of God.

The book I have found most helpful on this subject is called:

“The Tongue A Creative Force.”

This book says, “The words you speak can cause you to experience freedom and increase.

Most people do not realize the power of their tongue.

It is the ultimate creative force, and this dynamic potential is inside of you.

His Word spoken from your mouth and conceived in your heart becomes a spiritual force releasing His ability within you.

Allow God’s creative power to flow from you.”

This is a short summary of the story of the man who wrote that book.

And how he learnt to grow his faith. And his finances.

This man owned a farm and he was in debt.

The crops were failing and his money was running out.

He was given a book that changed his thinking.

Yes, a book changed his life.

And then he wrote a book that changed other people’s lives. He discovered that,” words have power”.

He then writes down a list of scriptures that build up his faith in the area of finances.

Every day he speaks those scripture verses out loud.

Also he trains himself to say only positive words in his normal conversation. He did this for two years.

One day he is around the family table when the phone rings.

Someone offers him an investment opportunity. He accepted the deal and when he hung up.

His family asked him.

“Where was he going to get the money from to buy the investment property?”

Without thinking he replied,

“Money is no problem.”

Suddenly he realised that those words came right out of his spirit.

Faith had come.

Faith comes from our spirit.

He eventually sold the property and made a lot of money.

He went on to become a successful land developer and speaker

Tony Egar.

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