Ask for Help

I was motivated to write this book by the story of the widow in 2 Kings 4:1-7

The verse that had the most life on it was verse 3.

Elisha said, “Go around and ask all your neighbours for empty jars.
Don’t ask for just a few.”

This verse inspired me to post a letter on the internet asking for fellow Christians to help me…help my wife to fulfil her dreams.
And what is her dream?
To bring the love of God into people’s hearts so they can experience God as their real father. She has so much love stored up inside of her.
She wants to bring healing in all its forms to the hurting women of her generation.
This is actually my version of her dream.
As her husband I have watched this happen wherever she goes and in whatever she does.
I don’t know what words she would use but I do know what limits would be on her love. There would be no limits!
She cannot help herself when it comes to a person in need.
I am the most blessed husband because I have been on the receiving end of her love and kindness for over 32 years.

We need each other to help fulfil our destiny.
In the story of the widow, she needed her husband.
But he was gone.
She then looked for a prophet, not a prophet by name but a prophet whose words came to pass.
She went back to her children with a word of faith.

Now her sons had a part to play in their miracle.
The sons went to the neighbours in faith.
Now the neighbours had a part to play.
They had to decide to be generous or stingy.
They decided to be generous.
They handed over many pots.
Now the mother had to act on the word in faith.
She had to shut the door and begin to pour in faith.
The little that she had… began to multiply.
She kept pouring.
She kept going.
She kept believing.
She was now in the zone.
Things were turning around.
Lots of people were involved in her miracle.

You the reader may not be called to help me…help my wife.
But you may be called to help your spouse.
Or to help your children, or help your neighbour.
Or to help your friend.

Or maybe you have to ask for help!
Let us kneel down right now and ask God to send the help you need.

“Dear Father God, we ask for help.
And we ask in the name of Jesus.”

That wasn’t so hard was it?
Remember don’t ask for just a few.

Tony Egar

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