Chinese Family

Lorna has just come home after having dinner with the Chinese family she had met at the shopping centre and invited to church.
She was sitting around the table with the grandparents, wife, husband and two-year-old daughter.
Lorna always thought the husband was a Christian because he often accompanied his wife and daughter to church.
But just to be sure, she asked him what he believes.
He says. “I believe in myself.”
Lorna says, “Don’t you believe in Jesus? ”
He says, “No, I believe in myself.”
Lorna says,” What about heaven? ”
He says,” I don’t believe in heaven.”
Lorna says,” Eternity is a long time, a very long time, what if I am right and you are wrong? ”
He says,” That is a good point.”
Lorna says,” Why don’t you give your heart to Jesus? ”
He says,” I have tried all that before, but there is no connection.”
Lorna says,” That is because of sin.”
He says,” I am a good person.”
Lorna says,” We have all sinned, everyone sins.”
He says,” I have been to your church, I don’t see any power, I don’t see any healings!”

Lorna was then able to tell him about some of the healings she had seen when she had prayed for people.
This is where the grace of God comes in.
As you can see, the conversation appeared to be going nowhere.
But as Lorna gently prodded this man towards salvation, he suddenly softened and then Lorna was able to ask him in front of his family and at his own dinner table,
” why don’t you ask Jesus into your heart right now? ”
She led him in a prayer of salvation and he followed her word for word.
When Lorna came home that night and told me what happened, I was amazed to hear how a man was led to Christ in front of his family, at his own dinner table.

Especially when he started out saying that he did not believe.
Sometimes people say they don’t believe when they actually do believe.
I have met people who say they don’t believe in their marriage any more.
Or they don’t believe in their job, or don’t believe in their church.
Or don’t believe in themselves.
As I listen to their story, I can hear doubt.

And once doubt comes in; so do a whole lot of other things.

In those circumstances you have to change the focus of the person.
You have to get them out of the sand and onto the rock.
Our actions speak louder than words.
Sometimes [not all the time] we need to hear what our actions are telling us rather than what our doubts are telling us.

When Lorna was having her conversation with the husband, she could have been deterred by his doubt and unbelief, but she had seen him take his family to church even though he did not believe in church.
Lorna focused on his actions…not his words.
This enabled her to believe… even while he was telling her he did not believe.
She kept believing right through the dinner time with this family.
Eventually her believing influenced his believing and he was quite happy in the end to turn his believing on and accept Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

Isn’t it interesting that God has designed salvation to include an action such as water baptism?
When we are going through a storm, we may find it hard to believe we have a brand-new life because our circumstances are too familiar.
That is when we need to focus on our actions.
We may struggle in our believing but if we went through the waters of baptism, we don’t doubt that it happened.
Notice I said,” we don’t doubt that it happened.”
If I can say,” I don’t doubt”, then I know I have put my feet on the rock instead of the sand.
Look at some of your good actions and realise what they are telling you.
At least there is a safe place of faith in the middle of the storm.
Anyone who says the “sinner’s prayer” is saved.
They may not feel saved, but we tell them to believe in what they have done not in how they feel.

This Chinese family took their nephew to Lorna’s church and she also had the privilege of introducing him to Jesus in a prayer of salvation.
He had only been in Australia for a few days.
He had never been in a church before.
While the service was going on Lorna received a picture from the Holy Spirit.
She asked God what it meant and the impression clearly came to her that this young nephew was close to salvation and just needed a nudge to get him over the line.
This gave Lorna the boldness to talk to him after the service and ask him if he would like to invite Jesus into his life.
He followed Lorna in prayer and then said to her,
“that feels better now!”

Tony Egar

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