My family and I were walking along the beachfront cliffs in Sydney recently when we noticed a fence with flowers attached to it.
Apparently this was a popular spot for suicide.
I immediately remembered what people say when they hear about a suicide.
“A permanent solution for a temporary situation.”
Another example of this way of thinking is divorce.
It feels so right at the time.
You just want the pain to go away.
A popular book about forgiveness had been given to us as a gift, not that I needed to forgive anyone.
Okay maybe a few people.
I was bored… so I read it.
It had an interesting story about an Australian Christian pastor.
He was very successful and well known in the 1980’s.
But he committed adultery and his wife divorced him.
Ten years later they remarried.
He had seen the error of his ways and after a few years in the wilderness he started writing to his wife on a daily basis.
Luckily she had not remarried.
At first she wanted nothing to do with him.
Her heart was cold and hard.
But he persevered with his letters for over a year and slowly she felt a love for him returning.
The biggest obstacle for her was the public disgrace.
In the end even that mountain was moved out of the way.
So they remarried, they were both in their fifties.
The wife also noticed that after they remarried it was as if they had never divorced.
The restoration was that complete.
The main key for this positive outcome was her decision to forgive her husband.

Earlier this week there was a headline in the newspaper about a shortage of locally grown oranges.
The article said that the orange juice suppliers were having trouble getting enough oranges.
They were having to adjust their labels to inform their customers that some overseas product had been added.
The reason for the shortage of oranges was the citrus growers were being paid such low prices for their oranges.
They pulled up their orange trees and planted something more profitable.
Now we have a shortage of oranges and the price is going up.
Any citrus grower who did not pull up their trees is now making a big profit.

Same situation with your marriage.
Maybe divorce is not the right decision.
Try and think ten years ahead.
Both of you will change as you grow older.
Forgiveness could be the key to unlock your heart.
Don’t be in a hurry to let your marriage be uprooted.
For some people in dangerous or abusive situations divorce is the right choice.
But for many others it is,

“A permanent solution for a temporary situation.”

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