The American Preacher

The American faith preacher is speaking at a conference in the city of London, England: ” Last time I was here, the Lord told me to tell you, that you can be a millionaire in a month.”

I am watching this on my television screen.

It is about 9.00 p.m.

Lorna has already gone to bed.

The faith preacher tells the people a second time; ”You can be a millionaire in a month.” The audience loves it.

They are going wild.

I am waiting for him to give a testimony, an example of someone that experienced this amazing prediction.

Surely he won’t leave us all hanging in mid-air?

He did not give a testimony of anyone making a million dollars in a month.

I hope people were not wrongly influenced to give their money away.

We need to be wise with our money.

But I have to admit… financial miracles do happen.

A few days after watching the American preacher.

I am reading a book about a young girl who has a convulsion at home and goes into a coma. Her father is writing the book.

He was involved in sports coaching early in his career and he is using all the principles he learnt.

He tries to get the hospital staff and doctors to believe for his daughter to get better.

She is lying in a coma; the doctors cannot find any brain function on the monitors.

The father is not allowing anyone who does not believe…to come into the room.

Everyone is annoyed.

Late at night he starts to talk to his daughter.

He thinks he can see a response.

He goes into coaching mode and encourages his daughter to move her big toes so they touch.

Her feet are spread apart.

But they slowly move closer.

It takes an hour to make progress.

In the meantime the nursing staff have come in the room and told him to quieten down. When he points out to them that his daughter’s feet have moved, he is treated with disdain.

They watch for a while but cannot see any movement.

After they leave he continues to encourage his daughter until her toes touch.

He is ecstatic!

She is alive in her seemingly immobile body, not only alive but communicating with her father.

The father is convinced all of this is happening because he is believing.

I stop reading and think about the power of belief. My thoughts go back to the preacher in London.

He said,” You can be a millionaire in a month.”

He wasn’t speaking to me, maybe he just said it because he wanted to motivate the people or shock them.

I thought about the story of the father and his daughter.

Even if the end result is not what we want, things might be, just might be, slightly improved.

What if someone left that conference and believed they were going to be a millionaire in a month.

Would their believing affect their circumstances in a positive way?

If they proceeded to go about their lives for the next month in a new state of mind?
In other words, if they expect something to be different in a month, will that expectation cause an actual change in their situation and would the results be measurable?
Even if the change is small it will be better than no change at all.

Tony Egar

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