The Food Bank

Lorna has just come home from work and has started to tell me about her day, she is pretty excited…. here is the story in her words.

Today I was working at Nexus Church on reception;
I received a phone call from a lady called Fran.
She said, “I am here to get some food from Nexus Care, a food parcel and I don’t know where to go.”
I said to her,” drive up to the top car park and you will see some chairs, park there and I will meet you out the front and take you down to Nexus Care.”
She got out of her car and walked over to me… clearly in a lot of pain and dragging her leg.
She said, “I am Fran,” I could see she was not a Christian and was really struggling to walk.
I said, “what’s going on with your leg Fran?”

She said, “I have a spur in my heel and arthritis in my back which goes down my leg.”
I said,” Would you mind if I pray for you Fran?”
She said,” yes, that’s ok.”
I bent down and prayed and asked Jesus to heal her and to take away her pain.
I felt heat go through my hands; I said to Fran,” can you feel that heat?”
She said,” yes I can.”
I told her to try and walk.
It was then…I saw a miracle begin before my eyes. 
Fran was in shock and disbelief she kept saying,

She said,” I couldn’t do this; I was in so much pain, now I’m walking normally!”
There was still a sore spot so I said,” lets pray again.”
I felt something physically move in her heel… she did too. 
She was completely set free from pain and could walk normally..!! 
She was so excited looking at her reflection [as she walked] in the glass doors of the auditorium saying;

She walked and walked and walked and walked some more, up and down, up and down!! 
It was so exciting; I was amazed myself.
She told me she just came from the doctor’s and asked him to increase her pain medication!!
I said, “You won’t be needing that any-more.”  
I said,” God loves you so much Fran,” she became overwhelmed and started to cry.
I said,” today you got a lot more than your food parcel, I bet you weren’t expecting that,” and she cried happy tears as God was working on her heart.
“But how did this happen?”

I said,” it’s a miracle, Jesus has healed you. He loves you so much Fran.”

I left her with the Nexus Care team and she had to fill out a form and it asked if there were any disabilities which would stop her doing things and she started to think and began to write,
I have arthritis in my back and then said,
“NO… I used to have arthritis in my back,” and smiled the biggest smile.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw her carry a huge carton filled with food to her car, I almost ran over to offer assistance and then thought, no she’s fine, she’s been healed.
A member of the staff at Nexus Care also carried a carton for her filled with delicious fresh fruit & vegies.
She came over to me after Fran had driven off and said,
“Lorna, Fran had crutches in her car, isn’t God amazing?”
We have such a lovely Jesus!!!!
Praise him! Praise him! Praise him! 

Written by Lorna Egar

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