The Fourth Dimension

In 1980 the pastor of the largest church in Korea published a book called;

”The Fourth Dimension.”

In the book he writes about the difficulty the Christian ministers were having with the Buddhist monks because the monks were healing people from their sickness.

The Buddhist monks were developing their spirits by various means.

Such as visions and mental pictures of health.

These unbelievers, by exploring and developing their inner spirit in such a way, can carry out dominion upon their physical sickness and disease.

The Korean pastor was motivated to learn how to develop his spirit by using his imagination.

He did all this in a Christian and biblical way.

He writes in his book that these principles helped him to oversee a huge pattern of growth in his church so that eventually his church became the largest church in the world.

While he kept imagining what he wanted his church to become he was assailed on all sides by voices of unbelief.

He used his spiritual eyes of imagination to drown out the voice of reason.

When Moses was called by God to rescue the Israelites from Egypt he saw the burning bush before he heard God’s voice.

God gave Moses a sign to prove to Pharaoh the king of Egypt that he had been sent by God.

Moses threw his wooden rod onto the ground and as he did this his rod turned into a snake.

When he did this in front of Pharaoh, the Egyptian magicians copied Moses.

The magicians threw down their wooden rods and the rods turned into snakes.

Now Moses had the same problem that the Korean minsters had. His opposition was also performing miracles.

The main lesson in these stories is that the human spirit is able to influence the natural world.

When we focus on a goal or vision, we are training our spirit through our imagination.

My background is in sales, I have been exposed to a lot of motivational speakers and their material over the years.

I am always amazed at the similarities between these worldly speakers and the preachers that I regularly listen to.

They both get me motivated; they both teach good principles such as putting your customer first.

They both teach about goal setting and using your imagination to be creative.

They both inspire me to aim to be a better person.

And they both get results.

The only difference is…the worldly speakers see themselves as the centre of the universe, while the Christian speakers see God as the centre of the universe.

In all these things, Christians have an advantage.

Because God is invisible, Christians have a lot of practise in using the eyes of their spirit to discern spiritual realities.

Christians should find it easy to develop their imagination so they can visualise their dreams and visions.

I would like to go back to the story of the father and his comatose daughter.

He had been a sports coach for years and not all his dreams had come to pass. But his coaching experience had taught him how to harness the art of using his imagination and believing to focus on a different result than the one that was in existence at the time.

In this challenge for his daughter’s life he was able to draw on those skills that were already at a very developed stage.

And he was so happy to have used sport as a means to do this.

All around him in the intensive care unit at the hospital he was hearing how bad things were.

But in the middle of this battle he was able to open the eyes of his heart and imagine a new day…in which his daughter was healthy and whole.

Finally even some of the doctors were won over by his believing and his focus and his inner motivation.

Tony Egar

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