This is a Fake Story


Your relationship with your father is important.
I was a young man when I met my father for the first time.
My mother had contacted him in London and shared her secret.
He had taken his time to come back to Australia to meet his newly discovered son.
My parents separated when my mother discovered she was pregnant.
They were a young couple in love.
He had big dreams and a pregnant girlfriend was a problem.
So he left Sydney and found a new life and new career in London.
A lot of Australians were working in the British investment and banking industry.
He landed on his feet, while my mother struggled to come to terms with her unplanned pregnancy.
She had a friend in Adelaide, South Australia.
This friend had told her that abortion was legal in that state since 1969.
My mother was encouraged by her friend’s information and offer of help.
My father was always under the impression that his girlfriend went ahead with the abortion.
My parents lost contact with each other.

My father enjoyed his new found freedom, eventually marrying a woman he met while living in London.
My mother did go to Adelaide but she delayed the appointment with the doctor a number of times.
She needed time to process her decision.
She had family back in Sydney who were not happy with her decision to terminate.
She had friends telling her to hurry up before the opportunity for the operation closed.
She had religious arguments with her parents over the phone.
She ended up confused and feeling alone.
As you can see dear reader, my life was hanging in the balance.
The big question is – who or what influenced my mother not to have an abortion?

Well, that is the story I want to tell you – as it was told to me by my mother.
Here is the thing that saved my life.
My mother was a fan of science fiction movies and books.
Yes, she was an avid reader of science fiction and also she was into horror movies.
One of the first horror movies she saw was about a scientist who discovered how to walk through walls.
Remember, this is science fiction and horror mixed together in the 1960’s.
The movies in those days were a bit way out.
And the general audience of the 1960’s and 70’s according to my mother, were a bit naive.
In other words my mothers’ generation believed nothing their parents or the government told them.
But anything any “new age” guru told them.
Back to the movie, after this scientist discovered his new power he also found there was a downside.
He was ageing a lot faster than normal.
No problem, he just dated young women and when he kissed them, they aged instantly and he got younger instantly.
This creepy scientist kept doing this until the police caught up with him.
At the end of the movie he tries to walk through a wall in the jail, but his power runs out and he gets stuck half-way through the wall and dies.
Nice movie!
This gives you an idea of the movies my mother was into.

My mother got more and more confused the longer she took to make her decision.
Her friend was going to work every day, while my mother stayed indoors in this little unit her friend was renting.
The phone rang constantly, because her parents in Sydney were putting the pressure on.
They wanted her to have the child and were offering to help look after her and the child when it was born.
My mother sat in that unit day after day feeling depressed and anxious.
She was drinking and smoking.
Obviously she had in her heart… decided to go ahead with the operation.
So it did not matter whether she was into a slightly unhealthy lifestyle.
At night she could not sleep, luckily for her there was a television station in Adelaide that ran all night horror movies on Friday nights.
About two weeks after arriving in Adelaide she was at her lowest point when she heard about the horror movie all night marathon.
So she slept in late on Friday morning and waited for her friend to go to bed that night.
She sat herself in front of the television at midnight and found herself relaxing for the first time in weeks.
The first movie was a Dracula movie.
She was really getting into the flow when the second movie began.
In this movie another mad scientist had discovered a drug that gave people this amazing intelligence.
The best time to take the drug was during pregnancy.
The babies were developing this extraordinary intelligence.
By the time these gifted children were teenagers they were scientists and engineers.
They entered politics by lowering the entry level age and by the end of the movie the President of the U.S.A was 17 years old.
What a strange movie!
My mother was so caught up in the story that she failed to notice time was flying by.
In the movie one of the side effects of the drug was,
the unborn children,
were gaining intelligence in the womb.
Remember dear reader, this was happening in the middle of the night.
My mother was a bit tipsy.
She was watching this movie through a haze of cigarette smoke.
While she was in this semi-conscious state,
she found one of the scenes in the film very scary.
One minute she is having a great time and then she snaps into a heightened awareness.
She cannot believe what she is seeing.
In the movie one of the mothers who is taking the drug… tries to communicate with her baby in the womb.
The unborn child is 12 weeks old and now she feels it kicking.
She decides to see if the intelligence drug really works by asking the unborn child questions.
With the code, one kick for “yes “and two kicks for “no”.
How weird is that?

My mother watches the rest of the movie and then goes to bed.
When she woke up the next morning the scene from the movie was going around in her mind.
She was not bothered by the movie, she was upset by the thought that the thing within her was a “person”.
Up to that time she had managed to think of the baby within her as an “it”.

Her parents did fly down from Sydney and play their part in her decision for my survival.
But my mother always insists that I was saved by a horror movie.
I was saved by an idea that was deposited into my mother’s consciousness.
I was saved by a horror movie.

A fictional story.

Thanks for your time.

Tony Egar

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