What is an Amnesty

What is an Amnesty?
 (from the Greek amnestia, “forgetfulness”) is defined as:

A pardon extended by the government to people who have broken the law and are subject to trial.”
It includes more than pardon, as it obliterates all legal remembrance of the offence.
Amnesty is more and more used to express “freedom” and the time when prisoners can go free.

The Port Arthur massacre in 1996… transformed public opinion in Australia.
This mass killing horrified the Australian public and had powerful political consequences.
An amnesty was declared for anyone who had illegal firearms.
Anyone in Australia could go to the police station and hand their guns to the police without fear of arrest and without having to face any punishment for any gun laws they had broken.

This is so similar to God’s offer of salvation.
God forgives and forgets our sins.
It does not matter what we have done.
All we do is repent and ask Him to forgive us.

The interesting thing about an amnesty that the government announces is the fact that there is always a start date and finish date.
Christians know that the start date for God’s amnesty of “Grace” was the resurrection of Jesus and the end date is when he returns.
But the real end date for people is the day they die, so we Christians preach the gospel saying,
Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour now, because you do not know the day of your death.”

I don’t really understand why I am writing about this subject today.
As I sit here typing I am stirring myself into thinking…
Is there someone I should be witnessing to?”
“Is there something I need to put right with God or man

Or should I just celebrate the fact that I got saved a long time ago and so did my wife. Or should I get extremely thankful to God for saving my children.
The answer is yes, yes, and yes!

Can I agree with you for your whole family to be saved and if that has already happened, can I celebrate with you, [party] in God’s goodness?
Right on!

And let’s not forget God’s miracle cleaning substance that makes our salvation possible!

A friend of mine uses chemicals to clean her customer’s houses.
She is amazed when she goes into people’s homes because they are always showing her their new “miracle cleaner”.
Again and again she watches her customers buy some “new product
from the supermarket, or they have seen the latest sensation from America on television and ordered some on their credit card.
Of course the product is endorsed by a b-grade movie star or celebrity.
[Whose careers have taken a turn for the worse].
A few years ago in Australia we had a larger than life character on T.V. called “Big Kev”.

Big Kev” told everyone, he had discovered a miracle cleaner that could remove every stain known to man. All the housewives in Australia flooded into the supermarket to buy this miracle product.
I remember friends of ours raving about “Big Kev’s stain remover”.
My wife and I couldn’t believe the fuss everyone was making about this product.
Eventually a journalist did an investigation on “Big Kev”.
The result of the investigation surprised all involved.
Apparently all the products sold under “Big Kev’s” name… were products that had been previously available in the supermarkets under a different company name.
There was nothing new produced by “Big Kev”.
He had just repackaged someone else’s old cleaning chemicals.
The reason he was able to succeed is because there is a strong belief in many people’s hearts that somewhere, somehow, a real miracle cleaning substance does exist or will soon be discovered.
I am going to take a big leap of faith and finish this story by saying… they are right to believe that such a product is possible…but they are wrong if they believe the product is for their house cleaning.
No dear readers, there is no miracle product for your house…but there is a miracle product for your heart.
God has a miracle product that can clean your heart.
All we have to do is confess our sins and immediately this product makes us clean on the inside.
God uses this product to clean our heart and our conscience.
It even removes guilt.
How good is that?
You know what this substance is..!!

Tony Egar

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