Double Doors

Dear readers:  about 10 weeks ago, my lovely wife Lorna tripped and cut her hand.
I was at work so our daughter Jessica took her to the hospital. Lorna had cut the tendon and nerves to her fingers.
She needed micro-surgery. It was a public holiday; no surgeons were on duty.
Lorna knew a lady at church who organised the prayer chain. When Lorna rang this lady to ask for prayer, this lady told Lorna that her husband was a doctor who happened to specialise in hand surgery.
This lady and her doctor husband were holidaying up the coast. They immediately packed up and drove back to Brisbane to operate on Lorna’s hand.

A week later Lorna went to a mid-week ladies meeting to listen to a speaker called Faylene Sparkes who has a strong prophetic anointing on her life.
This speaker called Lorna out and spoke a word over her.
She said, “The Lord is going to open double doors for you.”

The next day Lorna received a phone call from the doctor’s wife. She had been in the meeting and heard the word that was spoken.
She said to Lorna, “If the Lord opened double doors would you walk through them?”
Lorna said that she would be willing.

The doctor’s wife began to explain that in 6 weeks she was going to a prophetic conference at Bethel Church in Redding, California. She had already booked accommodation and a car. If Lorna wanted to go, all she had to do was book the flights and register for the conference.
The doctor’s wife said that maybe this was a double door.

Because Lorna had injured her hand she was not able to work. The doctor’s wife told Lorna to trust God to provide and God did provide generously through the people in Lorna’s church.

Everyone seemed to believe that this was an opportunity that was set in motion by the prophetic word that Lorna had received from Faylene Sparkes.

Before all this came about Lorna did not know the doctor’s wife very well, but now they are the best of friends. The trip was a success.

On one of the flights in America, Lorna sat next to a lady who was married to a Jew. They both shared their different beliefs and settled down to enjoy the flight.
The Lord started to tell Lorna some things about this lady’s life that Lorna could not have possibly known.

Lorna turned to the lady and said, “You love gardening, don’t you?”
The lady answered, “Yes, I love gardening.”
Then Lorna said, “Your favourite colour is yellow.”
The lady answered, “Yes it is, I have just repainted my kitchen in yellow.”
By now the lady was giving Lorna all her attention.
When they had talked earlier in the flight this lady had mentioned that her husband was a psychiatrist, but had not said what field he was in.
Finally Lorna says,” Your husband specialises in eating disorders.”

These 3 words of knowledge that Lorna received from the Holy Spirit…caused this lady’s heart to open up so that Lorna could tell her about Jesus and his saving grace.

Lorna has always carried the presence of the Holy Spirit on her life.
As you can see, I am a great fan of my wife’s ministry.
Lorna has been at the same church for over 20 years. Nexus Church.
She has been involved in all types of ministry. And works part-time as the receptionist at the church.

She loves to travel and speak at ladies’ meetings. But her heart’s desire is to minister in different countries especially in the U.S.A. Whenever she visits this country, she is amazed at the level of believing that she encounters. I am asking anyone out there… any Christians in the U.S.A. if you have a ladies meeting that you would like Lorna to speak at?
My goal is to get her on a plane before the end of the year or early next year.
I would like to surprise her.
You may be thinking that I am organising too many surprises.
Lorna and I are in our fifties; we do not want to be left wondering!

Everyone needs an audience; the creative inspiration does not flow when there is no-one to believe and receive what we have to offer. When singers go into a studio to record their next song, they often imagine a crowd in front them or they remember the person who inspired the song; especially if it is about an old boyfriend or girlfriend.

This is why I am looking around for opportunities on Lorna’s behalf. You cannot have success without other people’s help. Everyone you see exercising their gift is doing it with an audience in mind. My daughter writes on a website about baking sweets. Recently she took a photo of one of her sweets and posted it on her website. She received over 9000 hits from the cooking community.
We need others to help us to a new level. Sure, you can believe when nothing is happening but one day something good has to appear for you to be complete.

Every pastor I have seen is happier when their church is growing.
Every business owner I have met is happier when their business is prospering.
None of this can manifest unless people are coming in the front door and staying long enough to make a difference in that church or getting their money out and buying something from that business. The same thing applies to this book.
It cannot succeed until you the reader decide to make it so.
The great benefit of E-books is they can continually be edited.
If you have a suggestion to improve this book you can email me.
You can be a part of my wife’s success.
Whatever I can do to assist Lorna to release her gift is going to benefit everyone involved.
It can release a blessing that goes on and on.

I have a few things in common with Joseph.
I have a wife whose calling is larger than mine and my role like Joseph’s is to help facilitate God’s plan and purpose for her.

The Holy Spirit is able to conceive ideas, plans and projects in us.
God is the initiator of things that are impossible for us but become possible because they are conceived by the Holy Spirit.  
Angels were involved in directing Joseph.

He started going in the wrong direction because he had limited understanding.
The angel appeared to him in a dream and showed him the right way and the right action.
All this happened by the angel opening up Josephs understanding.

He was a small picture guy from a small town. 
Now he was able to see the bigger plan. God opened up his eyes to see things he could not see before.
To see Mary in a way he had not seen her before.
She was playing a part that was far larger and more important than either of them could comprehend.

I am seeing Lorna in a way I have not seen her before.
I have to open my mind to understand the bigger plan.
Thank goodness I can use the medium of writing to get things moving.

Tony Egar

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