Random Acts of Kindness

The anointing on Lorna never seems to lift off; she carries the love continually and effortlessly. In the chemist shop where she used to work, the young mothers who were not coping would always find her and end up crying on her shoulder. Just the other day at her new job a young lady whose parents were away on holiday came up to Lorna and asked her for a hug.
When Lorna let go, she saw tears in the girl’s eyes. No words were spoken!

When Lorna was pregnant with both our children, she saw them in visions before they were born and because she saw them, she felt she knew them and therefore loved them before she physically met them.
She relates to the Holy Spirit as a very close friend. She is often prompted to visit someone or phone them or buy a gift for them. The response is often, “how did you know?”

When the church wanted someone to do an outreach into the community called [random acts of kindness], who did they ask?
Of course, Lorna said yes.
She rang the local primary school and asked if any of the teachers were going through a hard time. And if so, could she come and bless that teacher as a surprise?
The school gave the okay… and Lorna bought an enormous bunch of flowers and chocolates and a gift.
When she arrived at the school office two of the staff escorted her to the classroom of the teacher. 
Lorna burst through the door and presented the very surprised teacher with the flowers and gifts.
The children got carried away and spontaneously gave three cheers.
Lorna felt something break in the atmosphere, when she turned around to see what the two ladies who had accompanied her from the office thought, she saw that they were crying.
Lorna told me later that it was a Holy Spirit moment.

A couple of years ago we were at the wedding of the son of our good friends. Lorna started talking to one of the waitresses, she was from Columbia.
Lorna invited her to church and gave her an email contact.
Two months later Lorna got a message,” Can you pick me up and take me to church?”
Eventually this connection grew to five Columbian visitors coming to church. They were so far from their families, they almost adopted Lorna.
They became so attached to her that when two of them were married, they asked Lorna to take part in the marriage ceremony.
As they were pronounced man and wife, they asked for Lorna to walk down to the front and lay her hands on their hands and pray a special blessing over their marriage. She was an honoured guest! While Lorna was doing [random acts of kindness] she felt led by the Holy Spirit to wander down to the shops near the church. As she stood there waiting, she was prompted to approach a Chinese lady and offer to pray for any needs she or her family may have had. The Chinese lady said she needed to find a church. How easy was that!
She and her family now go to Lorna’s church on a regular basis. Lorna has been able to introduce this lady to a young student from China who goes to the church. Now they meet for meals and enjoy speaking in their national language.
Christians need Christians. People need family.
Have you noticed when Lorna arrives, the love of God manifests in spiritual ways and in practical ways?
People come closer to God and closer to each other.

The anointing can transfer from one person to another. Many years ago, the wife of our pastor approached Lorna and asked her to pray for God to give her the same ability that Lorna had. The very next day this pastor’s wife went down to the shopping mall and waited for God to bring along someone she could bless. And sure enough… along came this woman who was in a state of distress. The pastor’s wife was able to bring the love of God into the situation in an amazing way. She was so happy to be an agent of mercy.

Tony Egar

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