In 1985-86, we were a young married couple with two young children and we had just moved into a house that was owned by a missionary couple who were overseas.
They left their piano in the house. Lorna had never played the piano, never been taught the piano, she did not play any musical instrument.
One day she sat down at the piano and started playing.
She played in a style that none of us had ever heard before.
It was worship… pure and simple.
Her fingers ran over that keyboard by an inspiration that was supernatural.

She began to write songs and sang them over and over to the Lord.
The church members heard about what was happening and invited Lorna to get involved in worship at the church. But there was a problem, all the people were trained musicians and they found it really hard to enter into free worship, they were inclined to choose organisation instead of inspiration.
Lorna was, and is a free spirit, and even though the opportunity to be involved in worship dried up.
She was still able to use this new gift in smaller groups and she was forever grateful to the church for the opportunity.

Both of us have always had a heart for a move of the Holy Spirit.
I have seen this get very close to happening when Lorna is given opportunity, but I think there is a fullness still to come through the anointing on Lorna as she worships.
It is her favourite thing to do.
She loves to worship and stay in the presence of God. I am believing for Lorna’s hand to be completely healed so she can play the piano again.

Another gift that appeared for Lorna around that same time was the ability to memorise scripture and then declare a prophetic word using a whole passage of the Bible to carry the message.
This gift was also encouraged by the leaders at our church.
It became a fruitful season in the things of the Spirit.
We were also privileged to have a missionary stay with us who had just come back from documenting a revival that was happening amongst our Australian indigenous community in the Northern Territory.
Lorna and I had just come back to Adelaide after living in the Northern Territory for a year.
We had been able to meet some of the native people affected by this particular move of the Holy Spirit.
Many signs wonder and miracles were witnessed and documented in the early 1980s.

Speaking about revival inspires me to always be hungry for all that God has for my wife, my children and myself.
I have seen Lorna work with many people in different situations.
She is always at rest and in peace when the Spirit moves.
She is so gentle; it is easy for her to blend into the background.
That can be a problem as more dominant personalities take the lead.
The end result is gentle people like Lorna get overlooked.
Because a move of God often works through humility and grace the tree of life is once again left out of the picture.
Those with more experience or knowledge come to the front and those who carry the presence just blend.
I have seen this again and again over the last 30 years.
Not just with Lorna but with many people of like nature.
It is interesting to read what our Christian brother writes as he explains how the revival in the Northern Territory came about.
It began with a humble group of Christians.
Let me quote what he said.
Asked why white churches did not invite Aborigines to minister to them, and why the revival did not touch white churches they replied softly, “You are too proud.”

Tony Egar

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