She Had a Vision

Lorna’s parents came to Australia from Yugoslavia after World War 2.
They settled in Sydney and had 3 daughters and a son.
Her mother died when Lorna was 4 years old.
Her father could not cope. He put the children in state-care and visited them a few times…then he just disappeared.
After that Lorna never saw him again.
She grew up without parents and eventually was separated from her siblings. She was about 20 years old when she cried out to God in her loneliness.
She was looking out of the window of her unit at the time she uttered a heartfelt prayer. “God if you are real, please help?”

She had a vision of the clouds opening up, she saw a giant hand come down and touch her. She was instantly changed and felt the loneliness leave her and the love of God come into her.

Since that time, she treats God as her real father not just her heavenly father. She thinks of the church family as her real family.

This all took place around September 1979 in Melbourne, Australia.
Unknown to her… her future husband was getting saved a few miles away from her in the same city.
Lorna and I ended up going to the same church but we did not know each other. In 1980 we went to the same bible college and that is where we finally met.
In the beginning we were not attracted to each other.

Half-way through the year I had to leave the college because of a death in the family. While I was away Lorna wrote a letter to me which I still have to this day.
I thought, “What a nice person Lorna is.”
When I went back to college for the third term… I had forgotten about the letter.
On the morning of my first day back I walked into chapel to be greeted by all the students. One of the students was a middle–aged woman who said to me as I walked past, “Tony you need a wife, Lorna would be good for you.”
How embarrassing was that? I just ignored her.
The funny thing was, as soon as she said those words a shift happened in my heart. All day I walked around thinking this was nuts. But the feeling would not go away.
I did not tell anyone about it and did not even ask Lorna out for a date.
The feeling grew into a knowing, so I just waited and sure enough Lorna started to become unusually drawn to me even though she did not initially like me. At an outreach camp about 6 weeks later Lorna went to bed as normal but woke up the next morning with her heart completely turned around. And the rest is history.
We always felt that God put us together for a reason beyond the normal reasons of raising a family.
We have been very happy in marriage and as parents. But we always have this impression… there is more.

Here is the letter Lorna wrote.

“Dear Tony,
I have just come through much of the same thing myself. I did share part of it with you. I just want to encourage you and let you know that I amongst many are holding you up in prayer each day, and there is hope and a purpose in these things and like myself, in time you will be able to see the plan and the way God’s hand is and will be in control of this situation.
My heart really goes out to you because at times it’s so hard and there will be a lot you won’t understand.
But Tony there is hope, just draw on that inner strength and rest, I mean rest in God.
God’s grace is upon you, he will enable you to cope.
Because he doesn’t put us through anything that we can’t cope with.
(That’s always comforting to know).
Hang in there brother!!
You have another family here who miss you and love you. Tony, time will heal, and God will touch you, like he did me. It pleases me to hear that you are in good spirits and I’m not really worried about you as you have the best friend right within your heart and there is someone there within to comfort you 24 hrs a day. Keep your candle burning and keep shining.
Hurry back now.
I believe Tony, God has got something really special for you.
Count it all joy and smile. He loves you. See you soon.
Your sister in the Lord, Lorna.”
Reading this letter 35 years later I can see that God did have something really special for me, except it was someone really special. It was Lorna.

Tony Egar

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