Friends are a Blessing

My wife and I live on a property just outside of Brisbane.
We have a lot of trees around the house and this week I decided to get up on the roof and blow them off with my leaf blower.
The problem is with the motor on the leaf blower, it is very hard to start.
This machine was a gift from a friend and his wife.
They also had a lot of trees and when they bought a leaf blower they couldn’t believe how easy it was to blow the leaves and bark from their roof and driveway.
So they decided to give us one of these machines as a gift.
How generous is that?

Because I could not get the machine started, I got up on the roof of my house and did it manually with a broom and small shovel.
That machine is a blessing when it works and it almost does the work for me.
It saves time and labour.
Have you noticed how the human race loves to invent machines that make our life easier?
I have a theory about this!
Do you want to hear it?

I am going to use Adam as an example.
Before he was kicked out of the Garden of Eden, life was pretty easy for Adam.
But after he was kicked out, life became hard.

Yes Sir, things got a whole lot harder for Adam.
It seems to me that humans love gardens, we find them relaxing to be in and a lot of people even find them relaxing to work in.
My point is, something inside of us yearns for an easier life, a more peaceful life, a life with less struggle.
So we invent machines to do the work for us.
And these machines are a blessing.
I know there are exceptions but the point I am making is.
Most people sense there is a life style somewhere out there that reflects how Adam and Eve lived before they were booted out of the Garden of Eden.
We don’t want a way of life that is hard and a struggle.
But that is what Adam and Eve got.

Now if a curse is associated with struggle then a blessing has to be associated with the opposite of struggle.

The question I want to answer is,
What is the opposite of struggle or how does the blessing work?”
Please note that the blessing comes through a person.
Wherever that person goes, the blessing goes with them.

My definition of blessing.

The blessing comes through a person.
The blessing causes things to work in a prosperous and successful way.
The blessing makes life easier.
The blessing makes your numbers increase.

Now that we have located the blessing, we have another point to discuss.
We have to talk about why so many people do not see blessing working in their lives and circumstances.
I am going to go back to the story of my leaf blower.
I told you that this machine was given to me as a gift.
My friends wanted to bless me and make my life easier.
But I cannot start the machine.

This is the way I would like to explain the situation.
The machine is like the blessing.
People give us a blessing in the form of a gift to help us live better lives.
But some of us including me, find it hard to get the blessing to work.
Some days it is working well and other days it seems like it is not working at all.
The question I want to know is,
How do I activate the blessing?”
The answer I have heard all the experts tell me is,
Activate the blessing by your believing.”
Because when you activate your believing, you are activating the blessing.

Here is the problem, “Do I really believe that I am personally blessed.”
Yes I can say,” I believe that I am blessed.”
But when I look at my situation I cannot see much evidence of this blessing.


My friend and his wife who gave me the leaf blower are coming over for dinner on Saturday night.
My friend knows how to fix things and he will know what the problem is and probably rectify it for me.
A friend can help us when we are in need.

Wow, that sounds wonderful.
A friend can get things working….together for our good!
You can’t get more blessed than that.
There we have it folks.
Not only are you blessed by your friends, but if the blessing stops working you know who to go to for help.
And the friend who originally brought the blessing into your life,
will be there to help you get that fresh start in life that you have always wanted.
Friends are never distant or unavailable.
They are the gift who keeps on giving.
Friends can deliver you out of “Struggle Street” and into the “Garden of Good Times!!”
By removing the curse and replacing it with a blessing.

If the blessing is missing, then your friends are the answer.

We need to activate the blessing by believing in our friends.
They need us to believe in them.
just like we need them to believe in us.

Be blessed everyone and I will see you again in the next post.

Written by Tony Egar

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