Perpetual Motivation.

The Great Artesian Basin, located within Australia, is the largest and deepest artesian basin in the world, stretching over 660,000 square miles.
The basin provides the only reliable source of fresh water through much of inland Australia.
Prior to European occupation, this water discharged through springs, many in desert areas.
These springs supported extensive Aboriginal communities.
After the arrival of Europeans, the springs enabled early exploration.
The Great Artesian Basin became an important water supply for cattle stations and irrigation and is a vital life line for some of the towns in rural Australia.

To tap it, water wells are drilled down to a suitable rock layer, where the pressure of the water forces it up, mostly without pumping.

The discovery and use of water held underground in the Great Artesian Basin opened up thousands of square miles of country away from regular rainfall and this land was previously unavailable for pastoral activities.
European discovery of the basin dates from 1878 when a shallow bore near the town of Bourke produced flowing water.

The early explorers of inland Australia believed there was an inland river system to be discovered but as they trekked over the desert country they had no idea what they were looking for… was underneath their feet.
Imagine if what you have been looking for is inside of you.
Then the search is over!

Irregular rainfall produces instability in farming communities and weakens the farmers and their families emotionally and financially.
Some of our largest inland towns rely completely on underground water and they thrive and survive because of this consistent and free water supply.
Our towns and cities that rely on above ground water from rainfall and dams can be shut down by a prolonged period of drought.

The towns in Australia that have learnt to source their water from the underground supply don’t worry when it doesn’t rain.
They know they are not as dependant on rain as the other towns are…
 [That rely on dams for their drinking water].
We are designed in a similar way because the source of life is inside of us.
We are not as dependant on external factors as we thought we were;
such as how your circumstances are going.
We can be in a season of perpetual motivation.
Even in times of emotional drought.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.

We all have a spring within us and it flows day and night, in the good times and in the hard times.
Remember, it does not need a pump [no self-effort].
It is 100% natural and it is inexhaustible.

A nuclear submarine is powered by a nuclear reactor.
The performance advantages of nuclear submarines over “conventional” submarines are considerable:
Nuclear propulsion, being completely independent of air, frees the submarine from the need to surface frequently, as is necessary for conventional submarines.

The large amount of power generated by a nuclear reactor allows nuclear submarines to operate at high speed for long periods of time.

Current generations of nuclear submarines never need to be refuelled throughout their 25-year lifespans.
Conversely, the limited power stored in electric batteries means that even the most advanced conventional submarine can only remain submerged for a few days at slow speed, and only a few hours at top speed.

The advantages of a nuclear powered submarine are:

  • 1. Do not need to surface.
  • 2. Operate at high speed.
  • 3. Never need to be refuelled.

The source of energy for a nuclear submarine is contained within.
The source of energy for a normal submarine is external.

You have the ability, to cause every situation to flourish.

Now your mind can be filled with images of a:

  • Well-watered garden.
  • A beautiful garden.
  • Successful garden.
  • A garden without weeds.
  • Fruitful and productive garden.

You have been chosen to bear fruit.
You have been appointed to bear fruit.
And you have been equipped with a spring of motivation.

You have an “internal” spring that is flowing effortlessly from within.
It is bubbling up and out of you 24 hrs a day.
It is unceasing!
Therefore it is reliable and stable.
Around you may be absolute turmoil but within you is a completely predictable supply of life and energy.

You will be like a well-watered garden,
like a spring whose waters never fail.

You have a spring, “Whose waters never fail.”

If the water never fails…you never fail..!!
The source of success that you have always been looking for is within you.
Wherever you are…motivation can flow and turn a barren emotional desert into a garden.

The early explorers of inland Australia believed there was an inland river system to be discovered.
They were disappointed.
But as they trekked over the desert country, they had no idea…the thing they were looking for.
Was underneath their feet.

Imagine if what you have been looking for, is inside of you.
Then the search is over!

Tony Egar

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