Millionaire in a Month

Millionaire in a Month:

The Faith Preacher.

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The American faith preacher is speaking at a conference in the city of London, England:
” Last time I was here, the Lord told me to tell you, that you can be a millionaire in a month.”

I am watching this on my television screen.

It is about 9.00 p.m.

Lorna has already gone to bed.

The faith preacher tells the people a second time:

”You can be a millionaire in a month.”

The audience loves it.

They are going wild.

I am waiting for him to give a testimony, an example of someone that experienced this amazing prediction.

Surely, he won’t leave us all hanging in mid-air?

He did not give a testimony of anyone making a million dollars in a month.

I hope people were not wrongly influenced to give their money away.

We need to be wise with our money.

But I have to admit… financial miracles do happen.

In this book I hope to encourage you to believe God for a money miracle.

And I would like to point out that we all need to hear a fresh word from God.

When we hear God speaking to us…that is when the supernatural happens.

I hope God speaks to you while you are reading this book.

If God does speak through these words.

Then you are blessed.


A few days after watching the American preacher.

I am reading a book about a young girl who has a convulsion at home and goes into a coma. Her father is writing the book.

He was involved in sports coaching early in his career and he is using all the principles he learnt.

He tries to get the hospital staff and doctors to believe for his daughter to get better.

She is lying in a coma; the doctors cannot find any brain function on the monitors.

The father is not allowing anyone who does not believe…to come into the room.

Everyone is annoyed.

Late at night he starts to talk to his daughter.

He thinks he can see a response.

He goes into coaching mode and encourages his daughter to move her big toes so they touch.

Her feet are spread apart.

But they slowly move closer.

It takes an hour to make progress.

In the meantime, the nursing staff have come in the room and told him to quieten down. When he points out to them that his daughter’s feet have moved, he is treated with disdain.

They watch for a while but cannot see any movement.

After they leave, he continues to encourage his daughter until her toes touch.

He is ecstatic!

She is alive in her seemingly immobile body, not only alive but communicating with her father.

The father is convinced all of this is happening because he is believing.

I stop reading and think about the power of belief.

My thoughts go back to the preacher in London.

He said,” You can be a millionaire in a month.”

He wasn’t speaking to me, maybe he just said it because he wanted to motivate the people or shock them.

I thought about the story of the father and his daughter.

Even if the end result is not what we want, things might be, just might be, slightly improved.

What if someone left that conference and believed they were going to be a millionaire in a month.

Would their believing affect their circumstances in a positive way?

If they proceeded to go about their lives for the next month in a new state of mind?

In other words, if they expect something to be different in a month, will that expectation cause an actual change in their situation and would the results be measurable?

Even if the change is small it will be better than no change at all.


This is one of my favourite stories; I have included it because it is a great example of the principle that;

” a small result is better than no result at all.”

When a team of scientists in London first used penicillin they failed, but in their failure they succeeded.

The patient died but that did not mean the drug did not work, it just did not work enough to save his life.

He did initially start to recover.

Our faith works the same way, we pray for someone and they improve, then they relapse. This means that our faith worked, we had faith for recovery instead of faith for completion.

We have to be like these scientists and realise that we are on the right track even though we are not yet winning.

We know that our faith works; all we have to do is learn how to make it work on a higher level.

The story of penicillin – the first antibiotic to successfully treat people with serious infectious diseases – begins with a bit of luck.

Alexander Fleming, a British scientist, noticed in 1928 that mould had prevented the growth of bacteria in his lab.

But the main plot of the story involves the rediscovery of penicillin 10 years later by an Australian scientist:

Howard Florey and his team transformed penicillin from an interesting observation into a life saver.

Penicillin kills bacteria by blocking cell wall growth.

In May, 1940 they performed one of the most important medical experiments in history on mice in the laboratory.

The results were so exciting: Florey knew that it was time to test the drug on humans.

But Florey’s team didn’t have enough of the drug to see the patient through to a full recovery and he unfortunately had a re-lapse and died.

Because of this experience, the team then concentrated their efforts on sick children, who did not require such large quantities.

I would like to quote part of the story…where they realise, they did not have enough of the substance.

“But Florey’s team didn’t have enough of the drug to see the patient through to a full recovery and he unfortunately had a re-lapse and died.”

They knew how to make the drug, but they did not have the ability to make it in large quantities.

So, they needed help.

And that is how sharing your vision with other like-minded people helps to grow your faith.

Here is what they did:

“But the team needed large drug companies to help produce the large amounts required.”

It can be dangerous to share your vision with other people because there is a war going on between belief and un-belief.

We have to surround ourselves with believing believers.

Sometimes we need other people’s help.


In 1980 the pastor of the largest church in Korea published a book called;

”The Fourth Dimension.”

In the book he writes about the difficulty the Christian ministers were having with the Buddhist monks because the monks were healing people from their sickness.

The Buddhist monks were developing their spirits by various means.

Such as visions and mental pictures of health.

These unbelievers, by exploring and developing their inner spirit in such a way, can carry out dominion upon their physical sickness and disease.

The Korean pastor was motivated to learn how to develop his spirit by using his imagination.

He did all this in a Christian and biblical way.

He writes in his book that these principles helped him to oversee a huge pattern of growth in his church so that eventually his church became the largest church in the world.

While he kept imagining what he wanted his church to become he was assailed on all sides by voices of unbelief.

He used his spiritual eyes of imagination to drown out the voice of reason.

When Moses was called by God to rescue the Israelites from Egypt, he saw the burning bush before he heard God’s voice.

God gave Moses a sign to prove to Pharaoh the king of Egypt that he had been sent by God.

Moses threw his wooden rod onto the ground and as he did this his rod turned into a snake.

When he did this in front of Pharaoh, the Egyptian magicians copied Moses.

The magicians threw down their wooden rods and the rods turned into snakes.

Now Moses had the same problem that the Korean minsters had.

His opposition was also performing miracles.

The main lesson in these stories is that the human spirit is able to influence the natural world.

When we focus on a goal or vision, we are training our spirit through our imagination.

My background is in sales, I have been exposed to a lot of motivational speakers and their material over the years.

I am always amazed at the similarities between these worldly speakers and the preachers that I regularly listen to.

They both get me motivated; they both teach good principles such as putting your customer first.

They both teach about goal setting and using your imagination to be creative.

They both inspire me to aim to be a better person.

And they both get results.

The only difference is…the worldly speakers see themselves as the centre of the universe, while the Christian speakers see God as the centre of the universe.

In all these things, Christians have an advantage.

Because God is invisible, Christians have a lot of practise in using the eyes of their spirit to discern spiritual realities.

Christians should find it easy to develop their imagination so they can visualise their dreams and visions.

I would like to go back to the story of the father and his comatose daughter.

He had been a sports coach for years and not all his dreams had come to pass.

But his coaching experience had taught him how to harness the art of using his imagination and believing to focus on a different result than the one that was in existence at the time.

In this challenge for his daughter’s life he was able to draw on those skills that were already at a very developed stage.

And he was so happy to have used sport as a means to do this.

All around him in the intensive care unit at the hospital he was hearing how bad things were.

But in the middle of this battle he was able to open the eyes of his heart and imagine a new day…in which his daughter was healthy and whole.

Finally, even some of the doctors were won over by his believing and his focus and his inner motivation.


One of my favourite movies is the popular Anthony Hopkins movie;

“The World’s Fastest Indian.”

This movie was based on the story of Burt Munro, a New Zealand-born motorcycle racer who became famous for setting a world record in 1967.

The true story of Burt’s life is just as captivating as the film.

Munro grew up in the early 1900′s on a farm in New Zealand.

He often rode horses around the farm at a very young age because he enjoyed the fast ride.

Burt stayed on the family farm until his father sold it near the end of World War I.

He spent some time working construction until joining his father to work on a new farm. After this, he became a speedway racer for a short while, and eventually found work as a motorcycle salesman and mechanic.

Given his love for speed, Burt soon purchased an Indian Scout motorcycle.

The motorcycle was very early off the production line and topped out at a speed of just 55 miles per hour.

Burt was unhappy with the speed of the Indian Scout, so he began to modify the bike.

He spent years working on his bike, which he called the “Munro Special,” since it was made up of many parts that he made himself, being a man with little money.

Burt started racing his motorcycle and went on to set several world records with his Indian Scout in the 1960s.

He had to travel to America to break those world records.

Most people thought he was a loser.

But he proved them wrong.

His motorcycle became the fastest bike of its kind in the world.

The reason I like this story is because this man elevated himself to an international level of achievement by a very simple means, he made his motorcycle go faster, it’s that simple.

All you have to do to get a film made about your life story is do one thing, one activity better than anyone else has done it.

Everyone loves a world record holder.

Often it does not matter what the record is.

Simply running faster than anyone else will make you rich and famous.

Have you ever wondered why the world is designed to promote record holders?

Why people are drawn like moths to a flame.


I remember a famous person visiting our primary school in the 1960’s.

Herb Elliot won Gold in the 1500m event at the 1960 Rome Olympics.

From 1957 to 1961, Elliot never lost a 1500m or one-mile race.

This man took all the school kids to the oval and gave us tips on how to run.

I don’t remember anyone else who visited our school from that era.

He made an impression because he was famous and he was famous because he could run fast.

If we surround ourselves with motivated people the energy in the room energises us.

We can get drawn back into our gift, back into a state of believing and therefore achieving. Even doing a little better in a small thing can influence us into taking on the bigger challenge.

And though you may be all alone, remember this.

Someone, somewhere out there believes in you.

Dreams are delicate things; they can be formed in a minute by an unusual experience and last a life time.

I am writing this book because I turned on the television and heard a preacher say,

” You can be a millionaire in a month.”

That is a seed thought for sure.

Fancy telling someone they can be a millionaire in a month.

I feel challenged to put down my dreams on paper in a clear and concise way.

Here is my dream.

“To see God’s hand come upon my finances in a miraculous and obviously supernatural way, so that outsiders will be able to acknowledge what has taken place, and for this to continue into the future.”

I also would like to have the ability to bring this blessing into the lives of other Christians so they can experience God’s obvious touch on their finances in an ongoing way.

Please God… do not let me miss any opportunities that are coming my way.

Open my eyes to see what I need to see, to hear what I need to hear.

To understand what I need to understand.

And to meet the people I need to meet.


Most Christians accept the fact that you can increase your faith by hearing and believing in the Word of God.

The book I have found most helpful on this subject is called:

“The Tongue A Creative Force.”

This book says, “The words you speak can cause you to experience freedom and increase”.

Most people do not realize the power of their tongue.

It is the ultimate creative force, and this dynamic potential is inside of you.

God’s Word spoken from your mouth and conceived in your heart becomes a spiritual force releasing His ability within you.

Allow God’s creative power to flow from you.

This is a short summary of the story of the man who wrote that book.

And how he learnt to grow his faith.

And his finances.

This man owned a farm and he was in debt.

The crops were failing and his money was running out.

He was given a book that changed his thinking.

Yes, a book changed his life.

And then he wrote a book that changed other people’s lives.

He discovered that,” words have power”.

He then writes down a list of scriptures that build up his faith in the area of finances.

Every day he speaks those scripture verses out loud.

Also, he trains himself to say only positive words in his normal conversation.

He did this for two years.

One day he is around the family table when the phone rings.

Someone offers him an investment opportunity.

He accepted the deal and when he hung up.

His family asked him.

“Where was he going to get the money from to buy the investment property?”

Without thinking he replied,

“Money is no problem.”

Suddenly he realised that those words came right out of his spirit.

Faith had come.

Faith comes from our spirit.

He eventually sold the investment property and made a lot of money.

He went on to become a successful land developer and faith teacher.


After applying all these biblical principles to my personal financial situation.

I found that my favourite principle was the mustard seed.

Please let me explain.

“What shall we say the kingdom of God is like, or what parable shall we use to describe it?

It is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds on earth.

Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade.”

[Mark 4:30-32]

Sometimes when things come to a stop and my faith needs stirring up.

I ask God for an idea.

A mustard seed idea.

By this I mean an action I can do that will release my faith in a fresh way.

The verse I use is, “Yet when planted, it grows.”

I do an action that is a single action.

The main difference between a “mustard seed action” and a “scattering seed action” is one is a single action that you do not do again and the other is a series of actions that are repetitive.

With the mustard seed action, you are planting one seed once.

And the scripture says that, “Yet when planted, it grows.”

You do it once and then you don’t doubt that you did it.

It was a single action, something I will never repeat.

That is what makes it special!

I would like to encourage you to try something new if the normal ideas are not working.

If you have faith as a seed; it is growing even if you cannot see it growing!

Something is happening under the surface.

Maybe something has happened and you are not aware that there has been a change.

God may have done something while you were sleeping or reading this book.

Your healing or financial or relational miracle could be happening out of sight.

When your faith is ignited, resurrection life gets released.

Is your faith switched on?

Why not turn it on now?

Turn your faith into a seed by making an action.

Decide to do something differently today so when you wake up tomorrow there will be no doubt that your life has changed.

Because you will remember what your faith action was and no one can deny that you did it.

All that action will do is release your faith by doing something differently.

You should ask God for an idea from heaven, if the normal ideas are not working.

In scripture the Lord likens the kingdom of God to the planting of a grain of mustard seed, which grew and became a tree.

On another occasion he describes the growth in a slightly different way and says,

“first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear.”

The nature of the kingdom is to grow from being small to being fully developed.

Remember all you do is plant it.

Once planted, it grows by itself!

“Yet when planted, it grows.”

My favourite way to ignite my faith is to give a financial gift to the poor.

In Australia we have a Christian charity called “Compassion”.

They help the poor in many nations.

They have different gift areas.

The gift area that I like to choose is called.


They help poor people start their own business.

Here is their website.

When I give a gift to this charity.

I am like David who threw one stone and killed the giant called Goliath.

What giant do you need to slay?

When I give my money to help the poor, I mix the action with faith for a specific result.

This is a giant killing idea.

Give a gift to the poor and ask God for a financial miracle.

Thanks for reading.

Tony Egar.

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