New Level of Motivation



Don’t worry if you haven’t seen it or thought of it.

Your mind is being activated.
It will produce a new level that you are going to love.

So, get excited!

Your next level is just waiting for you to make one good decision.

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My name is Tony and I am your new ideas coach.
I coach people into believing they are about to get inspired with a new idea.
This is the new direction that motivates me the most.
I love the power of new ideas.
Of new ways to do something or perceive something.
Did you realise that ideas are doorways into your future where the past restraints no longer exist.
My job is to get you into a place of believing and receiving.
My gift functions best as a motivational gift.
But beyond that I am relying on you to bring to pass the idea.
I like to create the atmosphere for germination and inspiration.
I want to write books that germinate ideas and concepts in people’s lives.
Your new idea is just around the corner.
That is where I found mine!

Here goes, why don’t you get involved?

Allow me to be your new idea’s coach.

Best wishes from Tony.


Stay together…there is strength in numbers.
You should know by now that you can’t do it alone.
Why do you kick and struggle to get rid of the people who are helping you?
Open your eyes and become more aware of your surroundings.
You are mistaking friends for enemies and enemies for friends.
We all want you to succeed.
Who are we, you may ask?
We are your invisible support crew!
We have been waiting for this opportunity.
And now the time has arrived.
We want to peel back the curtain and show you a secret.
Yes, you were born for such a time as this.
The days of thinking you are not important are over.
How could you have believed that trash?
Unlike some people…we plan ahead.

Way ahead..!!

You have to learn to hold yourself in readiness.
This war that is going on around you is a war of ideas.
Your first mission…should you accept it.
Is to eliminate two prominent concepts that have gained the upper hand.

THE FIRST CONCEPT IS: You are not important.

THE SECOND CONCEPT IS: Second best is good enough.

The best way to change your thought patterns is by raising your standards.
Do this in small ways so no-one can talk you back into a lower standard.
Increase the quality of your food, clothing and company.
Once you have mastered this new way of dressing, eating and mixing.


You were stuck on the GROUND FLOOR.

We know you may be thinking to yourself,” What a waste of time”.
But you are wrong…it is not a waste of time!

Remember your mission.

How are you going to win this war of ideas if you don’t stay steady in battle?
Your mission is to eliminate two concepts and replace them with two new concepts.

THE FIRST NEW CONCEPT IS: You are important.

THE SECOND NEW CONCEPT IS: You deserve the best.

If you were auditioning for a movie role as a homeless person…how would you play the part?
You would lower your standards.
If you were playing the role of a king or queen…how would you play the part?
You would speak well; you would improve your manners and you would dress well.
Here is an idea that will help you win battle after battle.
Imagine your life is a movie and you are playing the lead role.
Are you going to behave like a loser or are you going to play the role of a winner?
Congratulations…you just landed the lead role in your own reality television series.
Now sell it to the people that matter.
Is it about a person who goes from a low position in life to a higher one?
Or is it about someone who fails.
Is to choose which storyline you really believe reflects the NEW YOU.


You have progressed to level one.

The skill we want to teach you in this chapter is about expecting help to arrive.

You will not only need to learn to expect help to arrive from outside sources.

You will need to recognise the different disguises the help may appear in.

Assistance is on its way.

That’s for certain.

It has been coming to you for a long time.

You think you are alone, but you are not.

Wisdom is one of the most popular disguises that help uses.

This wisdom may appear in the form of stories, suggestions, or witty sayings.

Or even inside the advice your parents shared.
Or your spouse.

It can come from those closest to you and from far away.
From some corner of this great globe that we inhabit.

It resides all around you.

It is accessible and free.

The problem is that wisdom can sound boring.

So, we have to turn it into an adventure.

Try and spot how many times this week, wisdom has spoken to you.

Also try and perceive the theme of the week.

Another way help can manifest is by finding an easier way to do something.

Just by coming up with a simple idea that saves time, money or effort.

You will get a small amount of pleasure.

You will say to yourself, “That was clever, why didn’t I think of that before.”

Help may arrive as a warning.

How many times have we been told that the road we are on is leading us downhill?

We are conditioned to immediately reject anything that cuts across our pleasures.

The song says, “Don’t tell me what to do..!!”

Our response is, “I’ll change when I’m ready.”

If we can eliminate that time delay and act a little more quickly.

We will save ourselves a lot of grief.

And won’t you feel clever when you save yourself from any unnecessary trouble.

Then you will find yourself going up to a new level.


Congratulations once again.


Going to level 3 is made possible by an attitude change.

That’s right…an attitude change!

I guess you want to know what attitude.

It does not matter which attitude you change as long as you change one attitude, that’s good enough.

By now you are beginning to understand that we are training you for increase and expansion.

Going to new levels is not easy.

By the way…you have to change your attitude in a good way,

You cannot change your attitude in a bad way and expect life to reward you.

Good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people.

That fact is set in concrete.

You are a messenger.

Please take time to answer this question.


Is it positive and uplifting?

Does the community want to hear it?

Would they make an effort to hear you speak that message?

If you have answered yes to those questions…you are already at level 3.

But if you have inspected your heart and found a bit of negativity inside your secret place?

You really do need to change an attitude of some description.

Start small…you probably have strong opinions and they are not going to change in a day.

Here is a little secret.

This is a good place to begin.

Just change your attitude about changing you attitude.

In other words…soften your heart.

Just be willing to change…you will be amazed how adaptable your heart is.

You were not designed to be a hard hearted person.

You also were not meant to be a weak person.

Strength with adaptability.

That’s a nice balanced way to live.

Level 3 is a new level of relaxation.



Being called to a higher level in life can lead you into a lonely place.

Now that you are on level 4, you will be subject to different influences.

And even some strange forces that you didn’t encounter on the lower levels.

People that you rely on may have quietly stepped back.

There appears to be some distance in your relationships.

This is a temptation time.

A time when you are tempted to be suspicious of everyone and everything.

But you must not doubt.

Stay on track.

Don’t doubt in the fog what was clear to you in the light.

You are being set up for an increase in understanding.

Confusion is not your friend, do not entertain it.

The skills that have got you this far in life will not desert you.

Your gifts haven’t flown south for the winter.

You are still the qualified person that you always were.

A little bit of loneliness and 5 minutes of self-doubt do not add up to defeat.

Delay is not the final curtain call.

Every day you are improving…repeat after me.

“Every day I am improving!”

I guess you want to know the basis for these statements of belief?


Every day you know more about yourself, your surroundings and the behavioural patterns of the human species.

In other words, you are smarter today than you were yesterday.

Your actions and decisions may not be reflecting your ever-increasing intelligence.

But that does not disqualify you.

Everyone around you may be giving you the thumbs down.

You don’t need to agree with them, just apologise if necessary, make restitution and then move on.

The real judge and jury are inside you.

So, what do you say?

Innocent or guilty?

The only guilty people are those who don’t admit their mistakes.

Would you like to know what the biggest mistake is?

When a person stops believing in themselves..!!

Change it now and get that switch back on.

Because when it is turned on …you go to a new level.

Congratulations once again.

You surely are amazing.

Your buoyant personality has got you over the line.

It was a close call…so go and celebrate.

Living on the edge is something that you do well.

It might be a good time to share that skill with a few like-minded friends and associates.

Timing is everything, so we leave all the decisions in your very capable hands.

Enjoy the new level that you have attained, you deserve it.

It didn’t just land in your lap…you took advantage of the opportunity that was passing by.

Others have missed it.

You grabbed hold of it with both hands.

The things that belong to us always come by a second time, even if they appear in a different form.


The philosophy of the western media is a bit generic.

The talking heads are so busy telling us how to live our lives, that they forget that we don’t want to end up like them.

They massage statistics to prove their message.

They drown out any contesting opinions that don’t agree with theirs.

They consider themselves the gatekeepers of truth.

But the real truth is …they are only guessing.

They do not know the way to true happiness.

They do not know the way to real peace.

And they definitely do not know the way into the purpose of life.

So why do we listen to them?

Because we are bored and they are interesting to watch.

And we think that they just might have the answer to our particular problem.

You will not get a job in the media because you are wise.

You will get hired if you are entertaining.

If you have charisma or if you are appealing in your appearance or personality.

All right I admit I am generalising.

Yes, there are wise people in the media.

So, what is my point?

I want you to realise that your media diet is affecting you in the same way that a food diet does.

You are what you eat..!!

If you use the media for entertainment only, then you are probably not really being swayed one way or the other in the area of your personal philosophy.

But if you are picking up the opinions of the talk show host or their guests.

Then you may have been influenced away from your long-held principles.

I want you to consider coming home.

Yes, coming back to your core beliefs.

Get out of the grey zone and back into calling things as they really are.

Instead of this grey muck that is being served up on a daily basis by people who don’t even know what they will be believing next week.

They are followers of fads.

They are plagiarisers of other people’s thoughts and ideas.

They are untrustworthy.

Do you really want to be like them?

If you want to take a stand against wishy-washy short-term views.

Then rise up and be a leader of conviction.

Zombies are in fashion at the moment.

They also pop up in the media from time to time.

They can appear as the latest talking head.

But you are not half dead.

You are fully alive to the requirements of truth.

If you were the President of your country, you would not compromise.

Here is the character trait that we esteem the most.


Am I right…is that who you are?

Or is it who you were?

Come home, return to your convictions.

Level 5 is waiting for you.


When you open your heart, you open a door.

When you close your heart, you close a door.

I am reading a book written by a captain of a large ship.

He is from Sri Lanka.

He is on his ship near a busy port in Africa.

It is very hot and his refrigeration has failed.

The food on the ship is very bad.

He is speaking to his wife on the mobile phone.

She is back in Sri Lanka.

He tells his wife about the food problem.

Then he has an idea.

He asks his wife to cook some nice food and then give it to the beggars in their city.

Why does he do this?

He believes that if he opens his heart to the beggars.

Then something good will happen to him.

This is a good story.

This man is generous.

This captain looks after his crew.

But everything goes wrong.

His ship appears cursed.

So, what does the captain do?

He keeps blessing people.

He keeps his heart open.

When people have problems, he helps them.

The whole world is searching for a good leader.

Someone who will look after them.

But sometimes the leaders just look after themselves.

They are not generous.

Can I ask you a question?

Is your heart open or closed?

If it is open, then I commend you, that is amazing.

If your heart is closed…can I suggest that you open it?

Generous people are blessed and stingy people are not!

This captain believed that if his wife cooked a good meal for the beggars in Sri Lanka.

Then he would be blessed in Africa.

That is an amazing attitude.

A friend of mine had a free parking ticket that he did not need.

He went up to a stranger and gave it to him.

When they asked each other what job they did?

They discovered that they worked for the same company.

The stranger was able to give my friend some information.

That information helped my friend get a new opportunity at his work.

This all happened because my friend was generous.

He opened his heart to a stranger and got blessed in return.

I cannot predict that you will meet a stranger who needs your help.

But this may happen.

Let me know if you have a story.

When you share a story, you are being generous and open hearted.

Because the story may help someone, when they hear it.

I am looking forward to hearing from you..!!


Fishing and expectation go together.

You fish…you expect to catch something.

You put some bait on your hook.

Or you throw out your net.

The fish is in the water.

It is invisible.

You want it to appear.

You want to see it with your eyes and hold it in your hands.

When someone makes a promise to you.

For a while you may not see any evidence.

But you keep trusting.

Until…one day your heart is broken.

The promise never came to pass.

This is a very sad thing that has happened to you.

Now you do not know where to turn or what to do.

You are lost.

You have no map or compass.

It is a very dark time.

You are going through the “Dark night of the soul”.

I have some good news for you.

The stars shine at night!

During the day you cannot see the stars.

Some people can navigate by the stars.

They can find their way back to safety.

There is only one way to navigate by the stars.

This is the rule.


You cannot see the stars when your head is down.

You have to lift your head up!

There is something that you need to see.

There is something that you need to understand.

You need to see through the curtain to the other side.

Your provision is not far away.

It feels far away.

But help is never far away.

In Australia the early explorers often died from a lack of food and water.

While all around them were native men and women who were thriving.

The early explorers did not know where to look for food and water.

The natives did know where to look.

They had knowledge and understanding.

Sometimes they would help the explorers.

But if the explorers were rude and arrogant.

They would not be helped.

They had to have the right attitude towards other people.

The help you may need could be in the hands of a friend or family member.

If we stay depressed or have a wrong mood.

We may drive those closest to us, away.

We must have a sunny disposition.

Bend your neck and lift your eyes.

Let hope do its work.

Let a vision of prosperity take hold of your mind and imagination.

Can you learn to trust again?

You cannot stay broken forever.

Set yourself a time of grieving and then say, “That’s enough time for sadness”.

“I am going to lift my eyes and see a different view”.

“I am not designed for sadness…I was designed for greatness”.

What a statement.

What a star..!!



Lost opportunities can be the result of mistaken judgement.

You deny it for a while, but that uneasy feeling won’t go away.

Now you have to decide to cover up your mistake.

Or bring it out in the open and face the consequences.

The choice you make will depend on a number of factors.

Are other people involved?

Will they be happy if you go public?

Also, are there innocent people involved?

Will they be hurt; even though they had nothing to do with your lapse in judgement?

Maybe you haven’t made a mistake.

Maybe you have discovered someone else’s sin.

You now have to decide whether to protect the individual.

Or consider the affect this is going to have on the family or workplace.

Whistle-blowers always seem to come out second best.

They initially get thanked for their honesty.

But later on, they can suffer.

They get passed over for promotion.

They get left out of the social activities.

Eventually, they may feel that they made a mistake.

Maybe they should have kept quiet?

Was it really worth all the trouble?

In the end…they become isolated.

Everyone else gets on with their lives.

The real reason a person becomes a whistle-blower is…

They have to follow their values.

Their conscience bothers them.

These days we have sections of the community who like to hide behind this excuse.

“’I was born this way.”

They use this excuse again and again.

“I can’t help it; this is the way I am.”

“It’s natural for me to be this way.”

Everyone in prison could use the same reasoning.

I was born a thief, I was born a rapist, I was born a murderer!

Yes, they may have been born with the urge.

But that does not mean they had to allow the urge to rule them.

No-one made them commit a crime.

The one thing we are all born with is a free will.

Everyone still has to make a choice.

This is what a whistle-blower would say.

“No-one made you subject to your nature.”

“That would make you a slave to your mind and your body.”

“You were born to rule.”

“You were given the authority to rule over your physical, mental and emotional urges.”

“Just because everyone is saying they can’t help the way they are, doesn’t mean it is true.”

“Yes, there are always exceptions, such as the criminally insane and other similar examples.”

“Most people would agree that the most powerful gift humans are born with.”




The vision around you may not be the one that is really important.

What you are seeing and what you are sensing could be coming from different sources.

What you are seeing with your eyes is caused by light bouncing of the material world.

But you and I know there are other things in the air.

In the invisible realm that cannot be seen.

Now I have got you worried!

Before you get too scared and confused, I will make myself clear.

What I mean is…there are mobile phone signals, television signals and radio signals.

Just to name a few.

These invisible signals are flying through the air.

We cannot see them or feel them, but we know they enable our mobile phone to work.

Not only do we have radio, television and mobile phone waves.

We have different T.V channels and different radio stations.

All of these have separate signals.

You can have different people in the same room listening and watching various radio stations and T.V channels.

You can have everyone at the football stadium pick up their mobile phones and call a friend.

All calling at the same time.

Can you imagine how many different phone signals are in the air at any one time.

Yet, we take it for granted.

It seems normal.

What about your “sixth sense”.

That’s what we call our intuition.

When you sense something without any physical evidence.

Suddenly you sense a stranger is looking at you.

You look up and there in the crowd is a pair of eyes looking right at you.

They look away, but it’s too late…you caught them staring.

I said all that, to say this.

Maybe you are more than a brain and a body.

Maybe you are also a spiritual being.

If you are a spirit housed in a body.

Then having a “sixth sense” would make sense!

If all of this is true, then that would explain why the scientists cannot tell us where we really come from.

Because among all of their explanations…there is not one the explains how we became spiritual beings.

Or how man has ended up actually having a soul.

Where does your creativity come from?

If you asked the best artists that have ever lived to draw a better human.

Why can’t they paint or draw a creature that is more beautiful than a human being.

Why do aliens in our science fiction films always look ugly.

The aliens are usually a human and a lizard mixed together.

My point is this.

If you think we got here by accident.




The trouble with changing your physical appearance is twofold.

It is so hard to stand out in the crowd because there are so many people doing weird things.

Secondly…you change as you get older and something that looks cool when you are twenty can look stupid when you are thirty.

Where does the desire to be unique come from?

Some studies put the need for peer acceptance at the top of the list.

The pressure to conform is different these days.

In the old days people were expected to conform to a set of society standards.

Now they are told, “If you don’t show off your individuality, you are boring.”

To be normal these days is looked down upon.

If your jeans are not torn at the knees, something is wrong with you.

Yes, outwardly people are being very artistic in their dress and physical adornment.

But their thinking is now uniform.

Everyone is getting tattoos, piercings, sleeping around, binge drinking, etc.

I will tell you how to be completely weird.

Walk into a party and announce to those present:

that you don’t drink or smoke or take drugs or swear or sleep around or have a tattoo.

Now every person at the party will presume that you are religious.

But what if you weren’t?

What if you just wanted to be different and unique?

You would be the most unique person at that party.

Without even trying.

You would be a “rare bird”.

“What is wrong with you,” they would ask?

“Why are you going against the trend?”

You would be able to give them a huge reason for your strange behaviour of abstinence.

You could hold your head up high and look down your nose at the puzzled faces..!!

Having got their attention, you are now ready to speak.

Here are the words they do not want to hear.

“I behave like this, because I do not want to be a follower…I want to be a leader”.

“Being strange is now normal and I want to be normal so that I am strange”.

“Everyone in this room is conforming to the fashions and behavioural standards that they have seen in the media.

You are following rock stars and television or Hollywood personalities.”

“Not one of you has had an original thought in years.”’

“You are like sheep.”

“What you wear and how you look has been decided by someone else on the other side of the world.”

“You are like little mini versions of someone who is stronger than you.”

“You portray yourself as tough, but you are intellectually very weak..!!”

Now get out of my way.
I am going to get a bottle of mineral water and sit on the couch and read Shakespeare to anyone who appreciates a real individual.

Hello to all the individuals out there.
Congratulations on not being influenced by the media.
Make one good decision today.
Open your eyes to the brainwashing.
Do not conform to anyone.
Just look up to the sky and ask God for help.
And could he please reveal himself to you.
Don’t automatically follow the ideas of your culture or family or friends.
Think it through.
Be brave enough to ask God himself.
To reveal the truth?

Ask him to give you the wisdom you need to be a totally unique and free individual.


One of my customers owns a Hot Rod.
Recently I was at his house doing some work.
After I finished the job, I asked my customer about his Hot Rod.
He had built a prize-winning Hot Rod.
I had seen it a few times when I had worked at his house.

He said he had sold the Hot Rod to a man who lived in another part of Australia.
This man already had his own Hot Rod, but it was not a winning Hot Rod.
This man had seen my customer’s Hot Rod win first prize at a competition.
He had taken a photo of the car and put it on his mobile phone.
When my customer put the car up for sale this man rang him to buy the Hot Rod.

Then my customer said,
“That man took my Hot Rod down to a competition in another State and won first prize.”
My customer, by selling his prize-winning Hot Rod to this stranger had turned this stranger into a winner.
This car was winning trophies for someone else.
After my customer told me this story, I drove home wondering if there was a message in the story I had just heard?

Here is the message I believe was in the story.
The Hot Rod car was winning trophies because it was unique.
It was not the same as all the other cars
Remember Hot Rod cars in Australia are judged on their appearance, not on how fast they go.
Because it was different, it won the trophy.

Rejoice in being who you are.
You are not the same as everyone else.
You can choose your own path in life.

A path that sets you free from the crowd.
Remember that being normal is being unique.
Are you boring, that is okay?

Are you shy, that is okay?
Are you just average, that is excellent?
Be comfortable in the personality that you were born with.

Pure love is…total acceptance..!!

Once again. “Normal is unique in modern society”.

Be happy right now.
Accept your place in the universe.
If you are trying to stand out in the crowd.
Just relax, because everyone around you is trying to be different.

So be normal and be nice.
Then you will be different.

Thanks for reading.

Please let me know if this was helpful in any way.

Have a nice day.
It would be great to hear your story.
You can be a winner by being normal.
Because being normal is being unique.

Pure love is…total acceptance..!!

Written by Tony Egar.

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