PRAYER from 1 Chronicles 4:10
“Oh, that you would bless me..
So that I will be FREE from PAIN.”
And God granted his request.

Gift of Healing

Prayer for Healing

Key for Healing No. 1

Here is a story that is fresh in my mind.
This story is about a young married couple in Brazil in the 1960’s.
They have two children and now the wife is pregnant again.
The husband has lost his job.
The wife decides to get an abortion.
The midwifes are doing backyard abortions.
This young mother goes through with the procedure.
But while she is being prepared for the abortion, she experiences a wave of guilt wash over her.

She prays to God and asks him to forgive her for what she is about to do.
The midwife tells her the operation was successful.
She goes home in shame and in pain.

A few weeks later her stomach has not gone back to normal.
Then she feels a kick in her womb.
She is shocked, her husband is shocked.
Now she is worried that the baby is alive but damaged.
In the meantime the husband finds work and the financial situation settles down.

The story finishes with her giving birth to a healthy boy.
This young mother tells no-one about her secret.
Except her eldest daughter.
She asks her daughter not to tell the boy this story until after she is dead.
The mother dies when she is 62 years old.
And the daughter is free to tell her brother the secret.

But in the end the daughter is more affected by this story than the brother.
After he is told the story, he continues on with his life.

The daughter is the one who now finds she is carrying a burden for young women with unwanted pregnancies.
Because her mother had nowhere to go for help.
There were no community groups to assist her in those days.
The daughter gets involved in “Crisis Pregnancy Centers”.
And helps open these centers in many parts of Brazil.
The daughter felt her mother’s story drop into her heart as a seed.
Her mother told her this story when she was young and then it lay dormant for many years.
When she became a wife and mother herself, she felt this story germinate and come alive.
The end result was her charity work with the “Crisis Pregnancy Centers.
She was now able to help these young women who are in a situation similar to her mothers.

Key for Healing No. 2

The reason I have told you this story is because it shows how powerful a seed is.
In the natural you have all these women getting pregnant when they do not want to.
They get impregnated and the seed grows. It is almost unstoppable.

On the other hand, you can see how impacted the daughter was, when her mother entrusted her with a secret.
That secret lay dormant for years and at the right time it grew into a large charitable work.
I am always impressed by the scripture in Mark 4:30-32.

The Parable of the Mustard Seed

“What shall we say the kingdom of God is like? 
It is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds on earth. 
Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest.”

For me the most powerful sentence is:

“Yet when planted, it grows.”

A favourite book of mine is called,
“Your Healing is Within You”.
By Canon Jim Glennon.

He was on the staff of St Andrews Cathedral in Sydney, Australia.
And was responsible for the weekly service of Divine Healing for 28 years.

The main theme of his book is about receiving your healing as a seed.
He called this “the prayer of faith”.
This prayer is mentioned in James 5: 13-15.

Is anyone among you sick?
Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.
And the “prayer offered in faith” will make the sick person well;
the Lord will raise them up.

Jim Glennon realised that most people were not being healed instantly.
They were being healed progressively.
It became very important for him to teach the people about believing to receive their healing as a gift.
And to imagine this gift was planted within them like a seed.

Key for Healing No. 3

The book that Canon Jim Glennon wrote was first published in 1978.
By 1987 the book had found its way to Ireland.

In Ireland a young man called John Gillespie, suffered unbearable pain in his hip and leg.
This lasted a number of years.
Finally, he was diagnosed with developmental dysplasia, a rare and serious abnormality of the femoral and hip socket.
Specialists could not help him.
John continued to pray fervently to God to cure him.
He prayed relentlessly for years and finally his prayers were answered and he was miraculously cured.

In 1987 John was still believing God for his healing.
He had reached the end of his patience and as he walked home one night in great pain he cried out to God.
This illness was affecting every area of his life.
Especially his ability to earn an income.
Two days later, he was walking past the Public Library.
He heard a voice telling him to go into the library.
He was led to Jim Glennons book called,

“Your Healing is Within You”.

He read the book and took to heart the teaching in it.
He learned about the “Prayer of Faith”.
He learned about receiving your healing as a free gift.
He realised that he was only believing what he could see.

The prayer of faith and patience is part of the deal.
Finally he was learning that a huge key for healing was forgiveness.
We must not harbour resentment or bitterness in our hearts against another.
Here is a key scripture.
Mark 11:24-25.

“Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
And when you stand praying,
if you hold anything against anyone,
forgive them,
so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

This teaching helped John get healed and he went on to have a huge ministry in healing.

Key for Healing No. 4

You may be in a desperate situation and need your healing quickly.
You may not have time to spend waiting for your healing.
That’s what happens when you have high stress situations.
Have you hit the wall?  
This is a good time to talk about the Blood of Jesus.
The Blood of Jesus was the price God paid for your salvation.
In America the Civil War was the price that was paid for slavey to end.
In Australia our soldiers from World War Two gave their lives to stop us being invaded by the Japanese.
The soldiers that died paid the ultimate price; also the soldiers that were wounded paid a price.
Another way to say this is to say,
“They shed their blood to purchase our freedom”.

So we say,” Jesus shed his blood”.
Or we say, “He gave his life.”

Teaching about the blood of Jesus is important because it means your salvation is free and your healing is free.
Therefore you do not have to earn it.
Knowing this removes stress.
We stop trying and we relax and receive healing as a free gift that someone else paid for.

As you read the following words about the blood of Jesus.
Let all trying and striving drop away as you move over into a restful place.
Here it is:

Genesis 4.
When Cain brought his offering to God, he didn’t get the result he wanted.
But when Abel brought his offering, he received God’s favour.
So, Cain was very angry and his face downcast.

Most people say that Cain was relying on his own self-effort, while Abel was relying on an offering that involved shedding the blood of an animal.
You have to make sure you’re not trusting in your own efforts.
The whole basis of the “New Agreement” is what Jesus did, not what we do.

Exodus 12.
When God rescued the Israelite’s out of Egypt, he told them to sacrifice a Passover lamb and put the blood over the doors of their houses.
He would see the blood and not permit the destroyer to enter their houses and strike them down.

The great news is we don’t rely on animal blood for our deliverance and our protection.
We rely on the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Because we are bought back from sin and death by his blood we have become God’s possession.
We are under the protection of the blood of God’s son.
The enemy has no permission to enter our lives to kill, steal or destroy.

Satan has to pass over us. Revelation 12:11
“They overcome the devil by the blood of the lamb.”  

This is all about what Jesus has done on the cross.
It is not about how much time we have spent reading the Bible or praying.
There is a huge shift of faith going on.
If you trust in your own efforts you have to trust in them completely.
If you trust in the blood of the “New Agreement” you have to trust in it completely.

Key for Healing No. 5

Do not blame yourself for your sickness.

If you are sick and someone has told you that God is using the sickness to punish you?
Don’t believe them and don’t listen to them.
If it is your own thoughts that are accusing you?
Don’t listen to them either.
Listen to Jesus.
Because he is telling you the truth.

Some people think the penalty for their sins is the sickness they are suffering from.
Here is the good news!

It doesn’t matter…!!
Because Jesus took your sickness and the punishment for your sin onto the Cross.
He paid the price for both.
He bore your sickness in his body on the Cross.
And he was punished on your behalf.

“He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross.
[1 Peter 2:24a]

“By his wounds you have been healed.”
[1 Peter 2:24b]

The punishment that brought us peace was on him.
[Isaiah 53:5]

Don’t be influenced by condemnation.
Let Jesus renew your mind.
Allow him to remove all guilt and shame and all the thoughts of punishment.
And then allow him to remove the sickness itself.

Sometimes we have to be shocked into a new way of thinking.
Jesus did not conform to community standards.
He had a whole new set of standards.

Let us glorify God by tossing out the thinking of this world.
In Heaven there is no condemnation or accusation.
In God’s eyes we are all righteous.

Remember to let your healing go full term.

Be protective of your miracle that is growing within you.

Thanks for reading.

Tony Egar.

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Put prayer requests in comments.
We will pray with you.

Tony and Lorna.
Brisbane, Australia.

7 thoughts on “5 KEYS FOR HEALING

  1. Elvira Wong

    Please pray for my sister Angelita Lim. She is in the nursing home suffering from dimentia and Parkinson’s disease. She is now bedridden and is taking liquified food but only a little coz sometimes her mouth becomes frozen. She needs a miracle from God. Thank you so much.


    1. Tony Post author

      We are praying for a miracle for your sister.
      Thank you for sharing with us.
      May a gift of grace flow into Angelita’s body and mind.
      In Jesus name.
      God bless from Tony and Lorna.


  2. Bwambale Bashir Ahmed

    This lesson is so blessing that it takes away my adictive habits that stood against my total salvation. Glory be to God for this article.


    1. Bwambale Bashir Ahmed

      My guilt is gone and the boldness to serve God has prevailed.
      No doubt, God must have intended this message for me.


  3. Bwambale Bashir Ahmed

    This link will help me grow and persue my evangelical target. I am a new believer, recently converted from Islam. May God bless His mission.



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