Success Book


Not an Anti-Depressant:

But it might make you happy
If you have been trying to believe and are failing.
Then take a step backwards and relax.
This is not an answer to depression.
It will help you.
Produce an idea.
Believe in yourself.
Believe in your potential.
This is about stepping back and seeing yourself from the outside in.
Allow your inner capacity to emerge.
You will be surprised by what’s on the inside.

Copyright © 2015 by Tony the Idea’s coach


My name is Tony and I am your new ideas coach.
I coach people into believing they are about to get inspired with a new idea.
This is the new direction that motivates me the most.
I love the power of new ideas.
Did you realise that ideas are doorways into your future where the past restraints no longer exist.
My job is to get you into a place of believing and receiving.
My gift functions best as a motivational gift.
But beyond that I am relying on you.
Your new idea is just around the corner.
That is where I found mine!

Here goes, why don’t you get involved?

Allow me to be your new idea’s coach.


Chapter 1

You are the result of an idea.
Hold that thought for a moment.
How far back can you trace your ancestors?
Even if you did not have a happy conception story with your own parents.
Someone, somewhere up your family tree did fall in love and did live their lives together in a happy way.
If you could trace your family tree back to this loving couple you would probably find that one of them or both of them had the great idea to get married.
And followed that up with the great idea to have children and therefore continue the family line.
And here you are!
The result of an idea…a great idea.
No one’s family tree is perfect.
But that doesn’t stop you from dreaming about a perfect world.
You can conceive an idea to make your life better or easier or more fun or more mysterious.
That’s what I did when I decided to write this book.
You don’t know who I really am.
I can be anyone you want me to be.
Let me give you a few clues.
I am extremely intelligent.
Sounds good so far.
I am inspirational.
I have to stop there…I am giving away too many clues.
My point is…you can be anyone you want to be and nothing and no one can stop you.
Once you get pregnant with a new idea or new concept don’t let anyone talk you out of it.
Make sure the idea goes full term.
Remember to say to yourself, ” I love my idea.”
Yes, ideas need love and nourishment because that creates atmosphere.
The feeling that is in the room will either hinder or help.
That is why you need an idea’s coach.
I want to be able to influence the air around you.
So you can grow and nurture your idea until it is fully formed.
Finally for this chapter I want to encourage you to think of a name for your new idea even if you don’t know what that idea is you can still name it.
For example you can call it, “great” or “sensational” or “mind blowing.”

You have the power to name your idea and that is true power indeed!
What a powerful person you are.


Chapter 2

When an idea is birthed, some people will go out of their way to encourage you and other people will do the exact opposite.
A good idea is attractive, it brings a positive atmosphere with it.
A bad idea is unattractive…it keeps people away.
We want everyone around us to assist us in our journey.
International help is the best.
If someone goes out of their way to find you and help you.
It brings a massive boost of confidence.
Good ideas don’t come along every day.
But when they do everyone wants a slice of the action.
It’s the great cure for isolation and loneliness.
Some people need peace and quiet to contemplate what is on their mind.
They need time out to evaluate their ideas and concepts.
After they do this and they find what they are looking for.
They want to return to their community to share what is on their heart.
They want to tell their friends and family about the things they have discovered.
They want to tell their business partner about their plans for the next level of success and their new goals and vision.
But a massive storm may be on the way and they do not perceive it.
But they do see it on the horizon and they see it just in time to take evasive action.
They know what to do because it is intuitive.
They know how to hide from the storm.
Actually they realise that they don’t have to hide themselves.
They just have to hide the idea.
If you unveil an idea too soon you can risk losing the initial momentum that came with the birthing of the idea.
A new idea is exciting, it is connecting you with the realm of the possible.
A new idea can shift you out your old life.
You don’t have to be the person you don’t want to be.
You can be a person of celebration and inspiration.
The question you may be asked is, “How did you think of that?”
Or, “What inspired you to see it from that angle?”
Some get inspired by looking into a telescope and others get inspired by looking into a microscope.
Long distance or short distance?
It doesn’t matter.
What matters is that you see what you need to see and perceive what you need to perceive.
Your idea can come through a thought.
It can come through something you see or hear.
You may feel it in your inner self.
Radios and televisions pick up invisible signals.
These signals are in the air around us.
They can be picked up at any time.
All we need to do is turn the switch on.
You know what I am going to say next!

“Have you turned your switch on?”
Turn it on now, you need to believe you are an ideas person.
You need to believe you are on a mission.
“Should you choose to accept it, your mission is to bring an idea into this world that is positive, uplifting and above all…is exciting.”
“Isn’t that your dream?”

Chapter 3

Your old ideas have paved the way for you to be standing on this spot at this point in time. You have to be thankful for all the things you have discovered as you walk along this road called your “life.”
The majority of people will assemble around the old message.
They will say,” what is wrong with the old way of doing things?”
You don’t have to prove there is something wrong with the, “old ways.”
But most people will accept that the new way is here to stay and in the end that acceptance will provide you with a platform.
And here you are standing on a platform, an elevated position that only you can occupy because no one else has experienced what you have seen and heard and felt.
Your uniqueness is a strength that you have to take advantage of.
Your self-value increases in proportion to your rarity and you surely are a rare creature. So the way you think is different to every other person who has ever lived. Therefore, your ideas will be different.
You will take the same information as someone else and always come to a slightly different conclusion. I wish I could meet you because you sound like you would be a very interesting human being.
Ideas are like seeds and they need good soil to grow in.
That is what you are. A field of nutritious soil.
Prepared and ready for the winds of life to bring in the right seed at the right time.
If you could only step back and take in the view, you would realise that it has all happened for a reason. That the part you are playing is crucial.
The invisible realm of new ideas can tear apart at any moment.
Just through the veil is the idea you have been looking for.
You only have to reach out and take a hold of the possibilities that are within your grasp.
The hunger to be promoted from the old way of doing things into the new way of doing things is driving you onto a higher level and into a better place.
You can feel the hunger beginning to burn.
There is a fire deep down inside that cannot be quenched.
We won’t allow them to put it out.
Eventually they will come round to accept you and your ideas.
The world is waiting, but we can breathe a little easier now.
The time is ripe and the opportunity is near.
You can see the outline of new generation thinking.
It is within reach, it is yours to have and to hold.
The timid won’t get it…but you will.


Chapter 4 

A new set of skills is what appears in the period after a new idea blossoms.
You usually need a mentor who has those skills to teach you and encourage you. Most of our help arrives in human form.
But a tree change or sea change is sometimes enough to get the ball rolling.
If you progress from a desert region to a new environment that is situated near a large body of water you will slowly be changed by the environment that you have been planted in.
There is a huge difference between a small town and a large city.
It may not be possible to change your physical or relational environment.
So you have to change your thinking. Obviously this is not easy.
One of the ways you can do this is to get a coach who understands where you want to go and what you want to do.
But they cost money. You need a coach who is free and who knows your future needs before they arrive. He or she must have the ability to point you in the right direction.
New ideas are able to do a similar thing.
A new idea always comes from the future, it may contain old information or be built on things you already know but if it is a new idea then it hasn’t existed before in its present form.
It may have been formed because of the past but when it arrives, it arrives from in front of you and not from behind you.
New ideas take you into the future, new ideas move you to places you haven’t been before. You may feel it is familiar territory.
Just like the thought of tomorrow feels familiar.
But we know that tomorrow is a brand new day.
Like your next new idea.
A new idea can do for you what a coach would do.
It can motivate you, it can encourage you, it can show you a way out of your present set of conditions into a new set of circumstances.
Your energy level increases in proportion to your input of inspiration.
Inspiring thoughts generate a link that acts like a bridge to a new world.

Your new world.
An environment that appreciates what you have to offer.
Where you feel attractive and attracted.
Even if initiating things is not your strong point, appreciating them probably is. You know quality when you see it.
You are able to place a high value on certain new opportunities.
If you are reading this and silently saying “YES”, then you could be in the middle of a transition.
That will provide a changed landscape and a changed world view.
A view where you are front and center.
A place of inclusion, a place that has all your needs catered for.
A place of believing.
Welcome to your new home.

Chapter 5

When the crowds come to hear what you have to say, are you going to tell them what they want to hear or what they need to hear?
You will have important things to explain to them.
They will want to know how you got your inspiration.
You don’t have to know more than they know; you just need to be able to put into words the inner hopes and aspirations that swirl around in their conscious and subconscious thoughts.
The ability to stand out in the crowd brings with it the responsibility to stay in touch with the local community in a way that is helpful for both sides.
We can’t afford to get too far ahead of the people that are eventually going to support us in the vision.
The bringing to fruition of an idea is often very dependent on our support team. You may not know where that support is coming from at the moment.
You can be alone in your trials and tribulations.
The forces that oppose us can be very strong and very determined.
But can they kill an idea?
I think not!
Once an idea has taken root it normally can only be replaced by a better idea. It has energy; it has a life of its own.
You were responsible for giving it that life and energy.
The wet blanket of peoples opposing thoughts doesn’t have the power to put an end to your dream.
We can consider their suggestions in a wise and thoughtful attitude.
Why not?
We are in charge, we have the perception that strong character produces.
We will not be pushed around, this is too important to allow petty differences to fester.
We need to take the high ground, the more esteemed position.
Let those around you see some of your insight.
It is time to share.
But only the things that you are comfortable in sharing.
We have to stay strong, we need to convey stability.

The foundation you have laid is solid, it is not porous, it doesn’t leak.
Don’t worry if your hearers are wondering why you labour the point.
You know it is important to get it right the first time.
Do you feel you have explained yourself adequately?
Take a moment to run through it again.
The opportunity may not come round for a while.
If you consider it a special moment…then it is!
These things can be fleeting.
Thank goodness you caught it just in time.

Chapter 6

The search for a new idea can be one dimensional for some.
They have been trained to expect it to come from a long and arduous effort that is accompanied by sweat and tears and with loud groaning.
No, that is not the only way.
There is a more relaxing process.
One that is heart related.
It is called, “cleaning out your heart.”
Who knows how much emotional junk has accumulated…clogging up the free flow of your inspiration.
People come along and tip their rubbish thoughts all over your pristine landscape; a once beautiful view can be polluted with weeds planted by events that happened all the way back to conception.
Come on, let’s get onto this before it is too late.
We want freedom to proclaim our latest concept unhindered from the past.
The past acts like a prison, holding us back from our full potential.
The future beckons us with the promise of better days and more peaceful nights.
Sleep time is dream time.
Dreaming while you are awake is called day-dreaming.
Our old teachers thought we were wasting their time.
They didn’t realise that a potential genius was sitting in their class.
The art of setting people free is a long lost one.
You and I haven’t lost it.
We know how to be free.
We obtain our freedom by giving those around us their freedom by permitting them to be the person that they are.
We stop trying to change them and their ways.
We let them go on their way, whether it is a low road or a high road, we declare it is their road.
It can be painful, but cleaning out old wounds is painful.
We have to keep our eyes on the long term goal.
We have to believe there is a reward waiting for us.
That something good is going to happen.
New ideas are free and anyone can take hold of their future direction by taking on board the excitement that surrounds fresh insight.
We leave the land of, “boring,” and set out to discover new horizons.
We are explorers, we are adventure junkies.
Are you bold enough to cast adrift the philosophy that you may have inherited? A system of ideas that was good for the time but is old fashioned.
The term, ”retro,” means an old idea introduced in a new way.
Genius is a slightly old fashioned term, which is now used as a term of endearment.
Do you mind if I use that term to describe the next massive idea that you are about to come up with?

Chapter 7

You and I know a good idea when it comes along;
we are tuned in to the quality that emanates from ideas that float above the average.
We understand that oil and water don’t mix, unless shaken.
This whole world is built on the laws of physics and one of those laws states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Well, to every bad idea being promoted there must be a good idea that keeps the balance.
People around you may vote for someone that you disapprove of.
We have to wait until they come to their senses!
Our candidate is the better choice.
We know it and they will wake up one day and come to the same conclusion.
Why does it take so long for people to recognise you and your idea?
It’s like flying a kite, you have to run until the wind takes over when you are in launching mode.
Once enough time and energy has created the necessary momentum.
Your idea soars into the blue beyond.
Now everyone can see and appreciate your talent for innovation.
The imitators will be sidelined as you take your rightful place with your peers.
Now that you are tasting success you are also learning how to discern the true intentions of the members of your cheer squad.
Cheer leaders play pivotal roles in short term encouragement.
But we still need the sage advice of the seasoned campaigner.
It is your collection of ideas and inspiration that provides motivation for the voter to support you.
Remember…people are voting when they buy your record or purchase your product.
Some of the biggest and most successful companies have found themselves in periods of unpopularity.
And still survived in good enough shape to be able to make a comeback when the opportunity presented itself.
The praise of the cheerleader and the wise advice of the long term campaigner can be mixed together to make the launch of your career an explosive experience for all involved.

Chapter 8

When you believe in someone you are loving them.
When you believed in your idea…you loved your idea.
The experience of becoming a believer in an idea changes you.

Whenever the Olympics are on… the television stations and other media outlets in Australia always interview our sporting legends from past Olympics.
One of our greatest sporting personalities is always one of the main attractions. This person is treated with respect and often given a place of honour at media events or sporting receptions.

Now let me be a little honest with you. This sporting champion achieved their success over 40 years ago. Since then this person has had a very unremarkable life. They have not had any success in any other area of their life for over 40 years.
Some would say that they have actually been unsuccessful.
I am happy that we treat our past sporting champions with honour and respect.

What I find interesting is… you can get it right so long ago and still be blessed today from something that happened in your past.

If you have a happy marriage, you are being blessed today from a decision that you made at a previous time. If you are in a prosperous business or career, it is the same.

I am going to take you back to the day you decided to believe in your idea.
I am going to make the argument that you should still be receiving honour and blessing because of all the wonderful implications of that decision.
A spring of life opened up on that day and it is still flowing into your life.

But guess what? This spring or fountain can become blocked.

The great thing about the way the media treats our sporting stars when the Olympics are on is they only focus on what the person got right.
The journalists forget about the mistakes that may have happened in the personal life of the champion that they are interviewing or writing about.

Everyone’s complete focus is on the one time this person got it right and won their sporting event.
They got a gold medal and all the glory that comes from winning an Olympic gold medal.

The winter Olympics have just been held in Russia.
One of our young snowboarder’s was telling a journalist how helpful a gold medal is for opening doors.

Apparently, a group of contestants was out late one night celebrating.
They were hungry and found a restaurant just after it closed.
The young people pleaded through the window for the manager to let them in, but he would not. Now they were cold and hungry.

This Australian woman who had just won a gold medal took it out of her pocket and placed it against the window. The manager immediately opened the restaurant just for this group of winners. Everyone loves a winner.

When you became a believer in your idea; you made a decision that many other people cannot or will not make. Many people know the right answer to this question but make the wrong decision. They say, “NO.”

For most of us this was a really simple question with a simple answer.
We said, “Yes I love my idea.”

When you think back to the day that you gave this right answer did you put a value on your response?
Of all the decisions you have made in your life, which one was the most important.
Now if we put a value on all your decisions and asked you which ones were gold, silver or bronze?
What value would you give your decision to believe?
You would have to say it was Olympic Gold!!

Therefore, all your other decisions that you ever make must be valued with silver or bronze. Your decision to believe was your Mount Everest moment.

You climbed the highest mountain and at the very top you said, “Yes”.
How clever are you?

You can never undo that decision…you can never exceed that choice.
It is the best thing you have ever done.
It was courageous. It was intelligent.
It was wisdom at its best.
You are more than an Olympic champion.

You are more than a Noble Laureate. You are a hero.

Now do not get all modest with me. Remember I am comparing your decision to say yes with what would have happened if you had said no.

If you had said no, that would have been unwise and cowardly.
It would have been uninspiring. You would have turned your back on all your effort.
Let me be clear…it would have been the worst choice you would have ever made.
It would have been the worst day of your life.

So now you can see why I am celebrating with you about your “GOLD MEDAL,” decision to believe in your idea.

Congratulations you got it right.

Chapter 9

Let us go back to the example of the Olympic gold medallist.
The Olympics only come around every 4 years.
Maybe in between Olympics the champion is ignored or forgotten.
Their life could be a little grey. Their face downcast.

One of my customers is a gold medallist from the Sydney Olympics.
Her life has been a bit of a mess since then. But whenever I mention her gold medal, her face lights up, she gets a glow about her and the atmosphere changes for the better.

I saw her recently; things have been working out for her.
Even when you see her in a group of family or friends, it appears that even in the hard times there is something different about the way she carries herself.
There is something that is regal; you could call it the gold medal effect.

People cannot deny… that at some point in time this person crossed into a realm that most of us will never experience. Or will we?

Or more importantly… have we?

Was there a point in history that you marked out as your own gold medal moment?

Yes, there was a time when you got it right.
You believed the impossible.
You believed you could become a brand new person.
You believed before you could see.
You believed things that were humanly impossible, that were beyond not only your abilities but beyond everyone else’s ability.
There was no organisation, no program, and no machine that could give you a brand new idea.
And make you strong on the inside or free you from your addictions.

Though all this appeared impossible, you said, “yes”.

When we accept the invitation to be different, we often do so with little knowledge of how important this decision is.

Well then, that means you may have got it right in ignorance.
Isn’t that special…getting something right in ignorance? That’s not normal.
Don’t we normally get things wrong in ignorance?

Olympians do not always win by their own efforts.
In Australia there is a famous winter Olympian who won his gold medal in ice-skating because all the other competitors fell over in the finals.

He was coming last, and then he was first. I heard him on the radio telling some school children how to be successful. We do not take his medal away because he had a little help.
Like he says,” you have to be in it to win it”.


Chapter 10

This is a true story that I read about a young lady from America, who lost custody of her 3 year old son.
This young single mother [she was separated from her husband] was raising her child with love and affection. Her mother had been murdered when she was 10 years old. She knew what it was like to grow up without a mother’s love.
Because of her own bad experience, she was doing her best to provide a home that was full of a mother’s love. Unknown to her, the mother-in-law was organising a court case against her to win custody of the child, so that she could raise this little boy.

Her mother-in-law was a dominating personality and wanted total custody. The mother-in-law hired a lawyer and they went to court to charge this young mother with being an unfit parent. They lied about the conditions in the house and lied about this young lady’s personal life.

Because this young lady had no warning about this court case, she arrived in court without a lawyer and was in a distressed emotional state, which did not help her case at all. The judge handed over custody to the father of the child and the mother-in-law.

It took this young mother 3 months to build a legal case to prove she was a fit person and a good mother.

In the end the judge could see that the mother-in-law had been making false accusations. The young mother won the court case and therefore custody of her son!

The difficulty this young mother had in preparing her case was the fact that she could not point to one particular incident to prove her case. That she was a good parent.

She had to do many things, such as spending time with child welfare officials. Having people inspect her home. She also had to keep a diary of her dealings with her mother-in-law. Such as phone calls and emails.

Now you can see why her life was based on one moment of right believing.
She had decided to believe the idea that she was a good mother, no matter what.
By one decision that she made once.
It really was a gold medal moment!
She designed something that she only had to get right once.
That decision of hers was frozen in time.
It cannot be undone and no-one can deny that she made it.

The accusers may come and tell you…you are an unfit person.
People may accuse you of many different faults and shortcomings.
You may even get to the point where you self-sabotage.
But remember how to argue your case. Just point back to the time when you got one thing right once.

You believed in yourself.

Like that young mother.
It took her a long time and a lot of effort to prove that she was a fit person. She had to accumulate a whole history of good deeds to convince the court.
But in her heart she only had to remember something that she did once.
How easy is that?
She believed she was a good mother and no-one was going to talk her out of it.
It is done. That settles it.


Chapter 11

You may be wondering why I am making such an effort to promote the decision that we made on the day we decided to believe in our idea.
We have to stop what we are doing and focus on the power of believing.

For some people their idea seems progressive and happens over a season in time, but it really all emanates from a moment in time.

It seems to me that the reason our effort starts out so well but does not continue; is because the focus we need to have…fades.
We get our eyes off what happened at the moment of our inspiration onto what is happening to us at this moment.

People are changed by changing what they are looking at and focusing on.

By looking at something that is outside their immediate vicinity.
They look at something that is in the distance.
For a lot of us, our original inspiration is many years behind us.

But it can still be relevant for us today.
We can lift up our eyes and look back at our experience and realise that the solution to our present problem was given to us at an earlier point of time.

Jessica Watson is a young Australian girl who sailed around the world solo.

Her parents were put under a lot of pressure for letting their daughter go on this dangerous trip.

Here are some examples of that pressure.

Family groups have questioned the safety of a planned solo trip around the world by a 16-year-old Sunshine Coast sailor.
Jessica Watson, now 15, announced plans yesterday to circumnavigate the globe by herself in an attempt to become the youngest person ever to sail solo non-stop around the world.

Miss Watson has the support of her parents, including dad Roger, who quit his job to help her prepare.
She will be 16 when she sets sail in September.

The reason these people were opposing this voyage was; because of a rule and regulation that all parents have written on their hearts. This is what that rule says.

“Parents must not expose their children to danger.”

Guess what? This rule is not only written on the hearts of all parents, it is written in the Government laws of most countries. Here is what happened when a young Dutch girl wanted to sail around the world.

The Dutch Council for Child Protection is so concerned about the dangers of Laura’s marathon voyage it has asked a court to grant it temporary custody of Laura so it can do what her parents refuse to – halt the trip.

Judges at Utrecht District Court are to announce on Friday whether they will scupper Laura’s record-breaking plans.
In the meantime, the legal battle has ignited a wide-ranging debate even in this traditionally seafaring nation about the role that parents should play in their children’s risky adventures.

Also a child psychologist was against the voyage taking place.
This child psychologist gives us a clue about how these parents justified their decision. He mentions dreams and where you have dreams you have believing.

Winter, the child psychologist, said parents need to step up and warn their children of the risks they are taking.

“As adults, you have a very important responsibility to oversee more aspects than just the (child’s) dream,” he said.
“I’m not saying children shouldn’t have dreams, but sometimes dreams are just dreams.”

Jessica Watson and her parents did not agree with this child psychologist. She believed that she could do it, and her parents believed in her ability to do it, safely and successfully.

The power of believing is the only way to get free of rules and regulations. We only have two choices, you obey what you believe or you obey the rules.


Chapter 12

I am going to take this discussion in a slightly different direction.
I am going to talk about the strength of someone’s argument.
Here is an example of two parties arguing their case before a court.
I read this article in the newspaper recently.

AFTER a long legal battle with Japan over its whaling program, the International Court of Justice delivered a historic decision in favour of Australia.
Japan is cancelling its Antarctic whale hunt for the first time in more than 25 years; just days after the International Court of Justice ordered an end to the controversial practice.
On Monday, the court issued a landmark ruling that found the Antarctic program was a commercial activity disguised as science.
The 16-judge panel ruled 12 votes to four in favour of Australia’s argument that Japan’s whaling program was not in fact designed and carried out for scientific purposes.
The court ruled that Japan must revoke current whaling permits and refrain from issuing any more.
Japan had been using a whaling convention loophole which permitted killing for scientific research to justify its continuing hunt in the Southern Ocean.

I do not know what your personal views are on whaling?

But I thought this was a good example of a strong argument winning over a weak argument. It was clear to everyone that Japan was not killing the whales for scientific purposes but for eating. It was an easy thing for the courts to decide.
And if you have a strong argument, you know for sure that you will always win over the weaker arguments of your opponents.

All the circumstances that are manifesting; or going to manifest in the present or in your future, should be subject to the unchangeable fact that you got the answer right when you decided to follow your heart and believe in your idea.
Your circumstances will assist you because all your switches are on.
Then anyone or anything that is opposing you… has to leave.
When someone opposes you, they are fighting against an idea.
And that idea cannot be stopped.
Ideas are indestructible.
Pretty strong argument isn’t it.
It is you and your idea; you are a team.
Accept that you are right.
Expect circumstances to assist you.
Believe for the chains to fall off.
Believe for the doors to open up.
Believe for your body to work for you and not against you.
Believe for your immune system to come alive.
Believe for the threat of debt to fade.
Believe that you have a strong argument.


Chapter 13

We need to gain the upper hand in the conversation by shifting our attention onto how we got this great idea.
In the same way we can focus on how this great idea is working for us.
When the tone of the conversation changes from negative to positive, we increase in strength.
The easy way to do this is to remember that “Gold Medal” moment of your inspiration.
In remembering and acknowledging the day that you were promoted onto a better team, a team that consists of you and an inspired idea.
You are putting yourself in charge.

That makes you the boss.

Free at last, free to impose your thoughts and not be influenced by others.
This whole conversation is not about when you lost your Gold Medal; it is about when you gained it.
Focus on the victory of that day.

Can you feel the shift?
So you are a winner after all.
Thank goodness.


Chapter 14

It is time to step up to a new level.
We have to shake off any passivity that has attached itself to us.
Like cleaning the barnacles from the bottom of a boat.
Anything that is slowing us down has to go.
We must be ruthless in applying ourselves to the task.
It is our head that is on the chopping block.
They want to lull us into a false sense of security, but we won’t be asleep this time.
We can see them coming with their smothering ideas of what they want and how they want it and when they want it.
Well, that is not how it’s going to be this time.
We have gone around this mountain long enough; we have been on this trail for years.
And we have learnt some big lessons about the inner workings of our motivation.
We know what turns it on and what turns it off.
They nearly got hold of our secret, but luckily for us even though they had the same information…they didn’t know how to process it.
They used the wrong recipes, and when you do that, the results are way off.
They were always adding a pinch of doubt and a couple of drops of their tremendously cynical attitude.
No wonder things don’t work out for them; they haven’t had the depth of insight that you have been exposed to.
They have lived their lives in the comfort zone.
Meanwhile, we have been working away collecting valuable information and insight.
We have watched and waited, it has been a long and difficult time of data processing.
Now the results are in and the conclusion is stirring us to believe the next step is possible.
We are not only going to make it this time we are going to do it in style.
And what have we discovered?
We have discovered that there is no parachute in the plane and no life jacket or raft in the boat.
We have been privileged with information that the general population has not seen.
No one has told them that this is not going to end well.
And so they go on their merry way unaware that unless they rise up and resist mediocrity their lives will end up being, “ordinary and average.”
They have even been told that “average” is okay as long as you are safe.
They have been promised security and so they have traded in the possibility for greatness for the certainty of being a plain ordinary “joe”.
Their desire for inspiration has waned, the fire has gone out, and the fight has been put off for another day, a more convenient day.
They have stopped rocking the boat; they have deflated their dream and gone home.
They have packed up their belongings and gone to live in a smaller place.
They have hidden from the storm even though it has passed.
They have been hurt too many times.
Do we blame them?
Of course not!
But that leaves us holding the keys.
The keys of inspiration and creativity.
Now the pressure is on us to rise up and lead the way into a land of fertile ideas.
A land that they dreamed of but could not enter.
But we will go in.
We will help them to understand motivation and how it works.
We know how to keep the fire burning.
You must believe in your ability to create ideas and nurture them to fruition.
Remember to tell them that their next great idea is ready and waiting.
We have to remind them what anticipation feels like and the part it plays in releasing adrenaline.
That’s right; a bit of excitement is good for you.
And what could be more exciting than realising you are on the verge of generating a fresh and new idea.
One that will surprise you, because it can come out of nowhere.
Something being produced out of nothing.
That sure is an inspiring thought!
The great news is… that it happens to people all around the world.
And that means it can happen to you.
You have the ability to create something out of nothing.
This is your time.
This is your day.
Don’t hesitate, you can do it.
I sense that you are a naturally gifted person.
A special person, someone who discerns the time and seasons.
The ebb and flow of the tide.
The water is lapping at your feet.
Let the rising ocean of ideas that is welling in your imagination free you from everything that is holding you back from your destiny of greatness.

An exciting destiny that belongs to you and you alone.

It is yours.

No permission needed.


Chapter 15

I was asked to step up and lead a group of people.
I said, “Yes, why not?”
Then I suggested they change the name of the organisation.
That idea got me into a lot of trouble; I thought it was a great idea.
New name, new game…right?
Wrong. They voted the idea down.
“Come up with something better,” they said.
I suggested they move to a new location.
Good move?
They voted that idea down.
I suggested they get a new leader.
They voted that idea up.
There you are…standing alone with all your ideas of change.
But they are not buying what you are selling.
Okay back to the drawing board.
I know what to do….move to a new town or city.
Hey wait a minute…aren’t you changing all the outward stuff?
Listen to this.
Inward change is where it’s at!
Because that is where you have total control.
Like a car, all the controls are inside the car.
And why is that?
So that one person and one person only is driving that car.
Not even the person in the back seat.
The driver sits in the driver’s seat.
The engineers designed it that way for a simple reason.
It works better with one driver at a time.
We are designed the same way, all the controls are internal.
No one else can get their hands on your steering wheel, accelerator or brakes.
You are the driver and you will control where you go, when you go and how fast you go!
The people on the outside are trying to expand their area of influence.
It is an inbuilt human desire to want to influence others.
And this is where the wrestle happens.
It’s their way or the motorway.
They flatter us with their lips but their hearts are far from us.
Finally the curtain falls and we are left alone with our thoughts.
Sounds sad doesn’t it?
But sometimes it’s the only way to the next level.
As long as they didn’t steal your self-belief.
We have to retain our “Mojo”.
Our capacity to function.
They may have voted against you.
But by leaving you they helped you.
When I say “leaving you”, I mean they have emotionally withdrawn their support.
Outwardly they may still be there smiling and cheering, but they have stopped investing.
Their interest has moved on to other topics.
And how have they helped you?
By leaving you emotionally stranded they have handed the keys back.
That’s right…without knowing what they have done they have actually voted you back into leadership.
You are now fully in charge of your body, mind and soul.
You don’t have to consider the views of others when you begin to formulate your new plan for world domination.
Are you surprised by the turn of events?
Don’t be.
You were always going to the next level.
The only question was, “How many would you take with you?”
This time it may be just you or a few.
But next time you will take a crowd with you.
For some of you who are reading this…the crowd is gathering.
If that is happening?
You better get ready to feed them; they are going to be very hungry for your insight and wisdom.
You cannot go through what you have gone through without picking up some really special pearls of wisdom and inspiration!
My vote has gone your way.
I always vote for the inspired one.

Chapter 16

A desert is the result of a shortage of water.
The economies of many countries became a desert when the supply of oil was cut off in 1973.
Here are 5 Quick Facts from the 1973-74 “Oil Shock”.

  1. The 1973 oil crisis started in October, when the members of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries proclaimed an oil embargo:
    “In response to the U.S. decision to re-supply the Israeli military.”
    During the Yom Kippur war; it lasted until March 1974.
  2. Between 11 January 1973 and 6 December 1974, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost over 25% of its value.
  3. The UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Norway banned flying, driving and boating on Sundays. The Netherlands imposed prison sentences for those who used more than their given ration of electricity. Ted Heath asked the British to heat only one room in their houses over the winter.
  4. To help reduce consumption, in 1974 a national maximum speed limit of 55 mph (about 88 km/h) was imposed through the Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act.
  5. Drivers of vehicles with license plates having an odd number as the last digit (or a vanity license plate) were allowed to purchase gasoline for their cars only on odd-numbered days of the month, while drivers of vehicles with even-numbered license plates were allowed to purchase fuel only on even-numbered days.

The 1973 Oil Shock made the normal way of life a distant memory, we had no petrol; therefore, we had no freedom to do what we wanted to do or go where we wanted to go.
Not being able to do what you wanted to do.
Became the new normal…or the abnormal.

The abnormal became normal.

Today I can buy as much petrol as I want, when I want.
I can get it 24hrs a day.
Imagine if the shortage of petrol lasted until now.
You and I would think differently about a lot of things.
We would be driving very small cars; we would not be driving long distances.
Our children would have grown up in a completely different world regards cars and petrol.
If the 1973 Oil shock was still operating we would not get up every day shocked by a shortage of petrol.
We would have gotten used to the shortage and would now think it was normal to be short of petrol.
We would have gotten into the habit of buying petrol on the day that was indicated by your number plate [license plate].
Whether it was an even, or odd number.
Cigarette smoking was also normal in the 1970’s.
People smoked on the trains and planes.
In restaurants and bars.
All the while the children were passively inhaling.
No-one raised an eyebrow. It was normal, everyone did it.
But now it is abnormal.
Another example of the normal becoming abnormal.

When my parents grew up men did not have long hair.
When I grew up they did.
When I grew up tattoos were unusual for the mainstream, now everyone is getting one.
I still find that abnormal but that is because of my age.

My parents’ generation thought it was okay to drink and drive.
They agreed that you should not be drunk and drive.
But if someone did drive while they were drunk and they got away with it, then it became funny.
No-one laughs now about that sort of dangerous behaviour.
Too many of us have seen the sad results of drink-driving.
Over the last 40 years we have seen many things that were not normal become normal.

Chapter 17

If Christmas was held every week-end it would not be considered special though the children would love it… the adults would be too tired and broke to enjoy it.
Some people retire too early because they think they will enjoy getting up in the morning and sitting around the swimming pool or going to the beach. Most people discover they can only do this for a certain amount of time before they get the urge to get involved in something more purposeful.

I have seen people get bored with life.
The reason they ended up in this position is because they were not receiving any inspiration or if they did receive some inspiration they considered, “that was all they needed” and they moved on and stopped entering in.

If a person has a mindset that thinks the season of inspiration will have… a beginning and an end… they will come to the conclusion that the experience is not permanently sustainable and cannot be repeated on a regular basis.
The person who thinks this way will anticipate a future where things will go back to normal.

They believe there will be a “cut off time” for being filled and motivated with an inspiring thought.
Being drunk is normal for some, for others it is a rare occurrence.
For some, drinking wine is a regular habit for others it never happens.
Being filled with inspiration… means coming under the influence of fresh ideas.
And that means you can feel it happening to you.
It is unmistakable when you have an encounter with the genius within.
This is my point: you can feel when you have received an inspiring idea because you can sense it in your knowing.
Your emotions may respond in many different and varied ways but you know that you know… what your intuition is picking up!
You do not doubt even though your emotional reaction could be nothing or everything.

The result of all this is; we often get told that we have been rejuvenated just by attending a work function or family get together but we know in our hearts that we are going home empty on the inside.
The function can be full of instruction and entertainment but nothing inspiring has happened to us.

We are told this is normal and one day something or someone will come and fix the problem.

But I want to say that being inspired should be a normal and regular occurrence just like drinking wine for some is a normal and regular occurrence.
Being under the influence of a great idea is something that we need so we can live an exciting life.


Chapter 18

Our believing determines the outcome, our thinking determines the result.
We have been told since the year “dot” that inspiration is unusual, but what if it is not… as unusual as we have been led to believe?
In the Oil Shock of 1973 it was not unusual to see cars pulled over to the side of the road because the driver had run out of petrol as they were driving on a day that did not match their allotted day to purchase fuel.
Risk taking was in vogue and stealing petrol was at an all-time high.

This reminds me of men and women that I have known over the years who run out of puff. They faithfully attend to their duties.
Then they stop.
That’s it, they run out of fuel.
Of course, they don’t know that their tank is empty as there is no fuel gauge.
They would not have finished like that if they were continually being motivated by coming into contact with some creative thinkers.
They were waiting, but they ran out of time.

Deep down they would have known they needed more.

Whichever way we say it… they needed more, much more!
The pattern is for this to take place when people are gathered into groups.
Yes, sometimes we get inspired while we are alone, but most people need other people to create an atmosphere of inspiration and anticipation to provide the ingredients for a moving of the imagination.

A few years ago, Australia had its worst drought on record. It was a scary time for all those affected.

By 1995 the drought had spread to many parts of Australia and by 2003…it was recognised as the worst on record.
Most Australian mainland capital cities faced a major water crisis with less than 50% of water storages remaining.
Most of Australia had previously relied solely on water from dams.
The drought changed the way Australia treated its water resources.
The Prime Minister announced that unless there was substantial rain in the next six weeks no water would be allocated to irrigators for the coming year. The result of this would have directly affected 50,000 farmers and the economy.

Electricity shortages may also have occurred if the Snowy Mountains Scheme had been forced to shut down its hydroelectric generators.
Many towns were close to running out of water.
Some towns did run out!
All the cities introduced water restrictions.

It’s amazing what a shortage of water can do; it can shut down a nation.
It changed our thinking, now we live with on-going water restrictions and we accept them as normal.
In the past we had unlimited use of water to wash our cars and water our gardens. Now we have special days for doing those jobs.
In the drought, people’s behaviour changed.
Neighbours reported their neighbours to the local council if they saw them watering their gardens.
Because there was a total water ban.

The normal became abnormal.

We discovered that our water supply was not unlimited.

Since the drought… we have had floods.
To release excess water from the dams some councils gave their communities free water days.
On the television news that night there were pictures of these people going “nuts” with their garden hoses.
For a day there were no limits and they took advantage of this in a big way.
Laughing, shouting, smiling…it was fun.
They were filling all their spare containers and their swimming pools and fish ponds. They were squirting each other. It was a refreshing on a large scale.

Other councils were not as generous and even though they had excess water at the time, they kept the restrictions in place.
Sometimes rules and regulations are the problem rather than a lack of water.
While some communities had free water days other communities kept a tight hold on their water because those in authority decided to block the flow.
The bureaucrats were in charge and no way were they going to let people have a free water day. Does this sound familiar?

The most common blockage is normally the rule makers.
They get so caught up in the budgets and business decisions…they unknowingly restrict the creativity that was designed to flow naturally in people’s lives.

The reason this happens is because they are by nature practical and conservative people and therefore well suited to the job of looking after budgets and buildings.
But when the choice comes down to more fun and creativity; or more money.
Guess which way they go?
I don’t blame them as you have to be wise.
We have to continually choose to be led by the inspirers rather than be led by what the dominant personalities want.

Do you see the choice?

To listen to the logic of the bureaucrats or to listen to our hearts.


Chapter 19

The Great Artesian Basin, located within Australia, is the largest and deepest artesian basin in the world, stretching over 660,000 square miles.
The basin provides the only reliable source of fresh water through much of inland Australia.
Prior to European occupation, this water discharged through springs, many in desert areas.
These springs supported extensive Aboriginal communities.
After the arrival of Europeans, the springs enabled early exploration.
The Great Artesian Basin became an important water supply for cattle stations and irrigation and is a vital life line for some of the towns in rural Australia.

To tap it, water wells are drilled down to a suitable rock layer, where the pressure of the water forces it up, mostly without pumping.

The early explorers of inland Australia believed there was an inland river system to be discovered but as they trekked over the desert country, they had no idea what they were looking for… was underneath their feet.
Imagine if what you have been looking for is under your feet or inside of you.
Then the search is over!
Hold that thought for a minute.

Irregular rainfall produces instability in farming communities and weakens the farmers and their families emotionally and financially.
Some of our largest inland towns rely completely on underground water and they thrive and survive because of this consistent and free water supply.

Whereas our towns and cities that rely on above ground water from rainfall and dams can be shut down by a prolonged period of drought.
The towns in Australia that have learnt to source their water from the underground supply don’t worry when it doesn’t rain.
They know they are not as dependant on rain as the other towns are…
[That rely on dams for their drinking water].
We are designed in a similar way because the true source of inspiration is inside of us so that we are not as dependant on external factors as we thought we were; such as how your career is going and what season it is in.
We are individually in a season of perpetual potential that is unlimited and it started early on in our life and it never ceases.

We all have creative imagination and it flows day and night, in the good times and in the hard times.
Remember, it is 100% natural and it is inexhaustible.


Chapter 20

Now I am going to tell you some home truths.
First of all, you can’t go back once you have come this far.
You have crossed over into the realm of inspired ideas.
Not everyone can gain entry.
Secondly you belong to a new community.
A selection of fellow humans; who share your likes and dislikes.
Who want to be inspired.
They want what you have got.
Sometimes having a common enemy unites us more than having a mutual friend.
You and your fellow travellers have jumped a fence.
The field you were in was too small.
And now you have woken up in a new place, a view is unfolding before your very eyes.
You never realised that it was this easy and this possible to believe at these levels.
Before now the limits were in sync, the opposition was unified, they wanted to stop you.
If word gets out into the mainstream, who knows what chaos will manifest?
While the uninitiated form long lines and patiently wait for a common result.
Order will remain.
Ordered thinking and planning.
But you are not interested in maintaining the status quo.
You have pursued free and totally unrestricted thinking.
Creative thinking.
Your imagination is able to conceive a virtual world and hold it in place.
You are able to stay on track for periods of time.
We allow sequences that are long enough to provide results that are experimental… but approaching the edges of reality.
A famous statement says,” All things are possible for those who believe.”
Most of the population will qualify that statement.
They will question its application.
They will apply time limits, context limits and relevant limits.
“Is it relevant for our situation?” That is their response.
You and I don’t approach it from that direction.
We say,” If we believe, then anything and everything is possible.”
When we don’t add or take away from exactly what those words are saying.
Then we cross over into a world where everything is possible.
We can visualise time going forwards or backwards, like “Hollywood” can.
When “Hollywood” makes a movie they can create anything in any way they want. It doesn’t have to make sense.
It doesn’t have to add up.
Creative imaginations do the same.
In your created world of unlimited dreaming, you can live on Mars or you can live under the ocean.
We learn from watching people being creative in the entertainment industry.
We want to go to the next level; where our dream in the invisible realm starts to show up in our daily life.
Yes, having an inspired idea can change your real world not just your fictional world.
At about this point in the discussion the urge to qualify some of the things I am writing comes to the surface.
This is where the key to crossing over comes into play.
The key is…”To resist the urge of conventional wisdom.”
And we do that by leaving out any form of justifying our thinking at this stage.
We save that up for later in the process.
At this phase we are concentrating on freeing up our creative juices.
Don’t get bogged down in the technical details, they can be worked out later.
If someone says, “How are you going to do that?”
Don’t try and argue with them.
They are operating like accountants.
But you are an explorer.
And new worlds are waiting to be discovered.
Your new idea is one way that opens the door out of the impossible into the possible.
Remember…it is all possible.

Chapter 21

We dislike people not believing in us, it is disrespectful.
They become too familiar.
We need the good company of believing…believers.
That is where we will thrive and grow.
What a fertile atmosphere, like a rainforest.
Ideas behave like seeds and people’s unwanted suggestions are similar to weeds.
Some weeds look great, they can even sprout flowers.
But weeds use up the nutrients that were meant for the plants that you planted.
If our mind is like a garden then it does matter what other people are saying.
We have to sort our family and friends into those who believe and those who don’t.
Once we are aware of who is for us in a believing sense, we can then decide what information to share.
Some of our associates are designed to assist in the journey, some are not.
We don’t have to make our views public, but we can share with colleagues who can cope.
And remember they are going to hear special things.
Things that emanate from your ideas.
This is almost sacred ground.
Be aware of the importance of your insight and views, they do have real power.
Believing works like a fire it can light up everyone around you.
Unbelief works like water it really does have the power to put the fire out.
Imagine how things worked in the old days of steam trains.
The train depended on steam and the steam depended on fire.
The fire depended on someone to shovel the coal in fast enough for the right amount of heat.
The train driver needed a lot of heat; he also needed a man who was willing to get dirty and willing to keep working no matter what.
Someone had to keep that fire going.

Your ideas work the same, they need energy, they need people who are going to assist you not resist you.
But watch out, here comes your close confidant.
Yes they love you, but they don’t love your idea.
Oh well, we are tempted to confide in them anyway.
No, stop right there.
Tell them something else, tell them about someone else.
Keep the good news to yourself.
Wait for a believing friend or family member.
The right person or people will come along, be patient.
People will sense you are on fire; they will appreciate your wisdom.
Hold it in; you will get to exhale at the right time and in the right place.
Now is the time to fire yourself up with material that contains the encouragement that is yours to receive.
It’s not easy to accept that people walk around with a veil over their minds.
But they do, they are asleep at the wheel, not like you.
You are in a strong position because your eyes are open to the possibilities.
You are not problem orientated.
You are fixer, that’s right; you are a giver and not a taker.
You are in credit; you have stirred your imagination into a creative swirl.
There is light and creativity.
You are glowing like the embers in the center of a fire.
Because all the switches are on and we are not going to let anyone turn them off.
Can I get a “Yes” on that?


Chapter 22

Humans are designed to operate in believing mode.
All around the world people are flocking to motivational seminars and conferences.
Self-help books are best sellers; excited people appear on television and invite us to support their charity that they have created out of personal adversity.
They could be at home curled up in bed, but somewhere, somehow they got motivated.
Ideas are so powerful they can lift people to a level of believing and achieving that is far beyond their normal capacity.
Some of these people claim that their trials and tribulations made them a better person, a bigger person.
These are wild statements.
Once calm people…have become wild people.
Shy people have become extroverted, we can’t stop them talking, they won’t hand over the microphone.
Behind the scene the same thing happened to them all.
An idea got into them…you could say it was planted in them.
Once an idea takes root it has no limits.
It can grow in an unending and upward spiral that sets you up for unusual accomplishment.
Your self-esteem can get a boost that propels you into an orbit beyond the reach of any negative influences.
You don’t have to come down from your lofty position.
You can stay up there because your great new idea has the power to keep you there.
The cost is affordable because it is free, inspiration is your birthright.
You are designed to fly and destined to be free.
Your great new idea is what separates you from walking around with your arms dragging on the ground.
You are not an animal, you are not a machine.
You are an idea producing soul.
This is not soul music, this is your music, the music that comes from ideas hatching in harmony and sequence.
There may be a storm raging in your life at the moment.
Don’t let it distract you from your destiny.
Your future is filled with,” royal” potential.
I use that term because the ability to produce a creative idea is reserved for those who climb out of the mass of humanity and step up and into the role reserved for the inspired man or woman.
Yes, you are inspired.
Believe it.

Chapter 23

A new idea can’t be confined to bed; it doesn’t feel down and out.
It just floats through your mind on its journey of greatness.
It is not upset by delays or opposition.
The essence of the idea permeates your thought life.
It slowly gathers support from the inner workings of your emotion.
Your new idea supports you while you are in transition from a doubter to a believer.
From a procrastinator… to a man or woman of action.
New ideas are the spark plugs for your engine of inventiveness.
They kick start any dormant areas of your imagination.
They wake you up from the suffocating facts of life.
The burden of our mistakes slows us down.
But we are empowered by the fresh realisation of today’s possibilities.
You cannot change the past but your new idea can cast its shadow of success backwards in a way that colours the past and how we view it.
Your idea can grow so tall and strong, it is limitless.
It has the power to rehabilitate.
Ideas can fill the void, they can occupy a vast area of space.
Imaginative space that up till now was void and empty.
Your very being can hold onto concepts that are global, cross generational and ageless. The power that you have to conceive and perceive through the creative process is yours to enjoy.
The piano player is dependent on his or her physical capacity.
You are not even dependent on your mental capacity.
You have something beyond those limitations.
You have the ability to dream.
To visualise, to step outside of time.
If you wrote your idea down and put it in a time capsule to be opened at a specific date in the future.
Your idea would still have the potential to inspire someone in the decades to come. No matter how long it had been buried and forgotten.
This is the process that is going on inside you now.
Let it carry you into a better place.
A positive place.
Old ideas that we had long ago still have the exact same potential that they always had. They were not a waste of time.
Don’t be blind to your potential.
Some people do not have physical sight so they turn their ears into their eyes. They are always on the lookout for an easier way.
The distance between greatness and ordinary living is so slight.
You can almost hear your destiny whispering to you.
“Your decisions have the power, dream it up.”
The decision to believe in your idea is a great decision.

Chapter 24

Your area of influence increases in proportion to the originality of your idea.
The more original your idea is, the newer it is.
New ideas are popular; the world is hungry for the next great idea.
The helpers are gathering, they can sense the nature of your plan.
They want to help.
Invisible as they may be, they are real.
The role they play is one of pollination and cross-fertilization.
Think about how many people have played a part in your unique journey.
If that many have been involved it makes sense to allow this thought to open your doors.
The thought that you are not alone is one that you have to decide on.
If you feel alone then that thought may dominate your thinking.
It can help you either way.
You can say to yourself,” I am alone and therefore I have to rise up.”
Or you can say,” I am supported and therefore I have to do it for them.”
You cannot lose.
Your thought life is there to provide a never-ending source of ideas.
Don’t wear yourself out by trying to dominate your thoughts.
Give them the freedom they need.
Creative freedom that is!
Imagine if someone was throwing you dinner plates that were worthless.
But every six or seven plates they included a silver or gold encrusted plate.
You would make sure to catch the valuable plates.
In the meantime it wouldn’t matter if the worthless plates fell to the ground and broke.
It’s the same with your thoughts.
Most of them may have no value.
But in amongst the ongoing flow of worthless thoughts are the gold plated ones.
Separate them out; let the lower value ones float away while you retain the better ones.
The inspirational thoughts…that have the potential to turn into new ideas.
The ideas…that cause support to come your way.
Then they need to be spoken or written.
You need to hear them and see them.
This process is similar to fishing.
Imagine your mind is like a large lake full of fish [ideas].
And you get the privilege of throwing in a fishing line every day.
Never knowing what tasty morsel might end up on your plate.
Those fish are invisible below the surface of the water.
You know the fish are there even if you haven’t caught any.
You still believe they are there.
It’s the same with your thoughts.
You may not have had a creative or inspiring thought for months.
Keep believing that they are there…somewhere in your mind or memory.
Your creative potential hasn’t decreased.
That is not how we think.
Your creative ability is growing.
Your support crew is assembling whether you can see them or not.
It is time to open the door into a new season.
The budding of new ideas resembles springtime.
Winter exists in the real world, not in our world.
Creative and fresh ideas will always give you a sunny disposition.
Hey happy person, how are you?

Chapter 25

How do you know if your idea is all that you hoped it would be?
You have to take it for a test drive.
How does it behave on a wet road, a bumpy road or a hard road?
When all your dreams are going through a time of testing.
How do they perform?
Normally you would be asked, “How did you perform?”
But this is a new day and we don’t ask old questions.
Why not?
Because we will get old answers.
So get the attention off yourself and onto your genius talent.
The talent you have for creating a new world and a new environment is a gift.
You don’t know how you got it, but you know it resides within.
You know with all your heart that you are a creative soul.
You have been chosen to create your idea and carry it.
This is your responsibility.
You are probably a bit surprised by this turn of events.
You thought that a hard time meant an introspective time.
A time where you had to give account to the invisible judges…who seem to be around every corner.
They hide behind the furniture of your life.
Ready to pop up at any moment and give their opinion.
That’s okay if you asked for it.
But what if you didn’t ask?
Just because their contribution is free doesn’t mean it won’t cost you in the long term.
Sure they are entitled to their opinions.
And we are entitled to our privacy.
We are the ones who will decide what ideas go through to completion.
We are in charge of our ideas and we are the owners of our ideas.
If your advisers are locked up in the old ways, that doesn’t mean we can’t visit them.
Yes, we visit because we are friendly and appreciative.
But we cannot stay.
The call is too strong, the inspiration is too real.
We have to shut down our untamed emotion and release the beast of reason.
The sirens shout out to us, willing us to return to the old ways.
But with an urgency that is felt…we close our ears to their cry.
To them we seem a bit heartless, but someone has to light the path.
It is a new path, one that we have discovered.
A path that is worth it all.
We are the keepers of ingenious ideas.
We have to guard our hearts and minds.
The attack can be ferocious at times.
We are tempted to give in.
But encouragement has come.
The pressure is easing off.
As the dust clears and you are able to take stock of the situation.
You slowly realise that the attackers wanted you to believe your project was behind schedule.
That is their perspective, not ours.
It depends on how you measure progress.
The attackers wake up every morning and see their work sitting there waiting to be done.
Inspired people do it a little differently.
We wake up knowing that the gift within will do the work for us.
It is a reliable gift, one that sings a creative song.
After a good night’s rest it is recharged and ready to go again.
We are not the gift; we may go up and down in our desires and readiness.
But the gift is cheerful, happy to be there.
The ability to create a new idea is the gift.
Accept it.

Chapter 26

A nuclear submarine is a submarine powered by a nuclear reactor.
The performance advantages of nuclear submarines over “conventional” submarines are considerable:
Nuclear propulsion, being completely independent of air, frees the submarine from the need to surface frequently, as is necessary for conventional submarines.

The large amount of power generated by a nuclear reactor allows nuclear submarines to operate at high speed for long periods of time.

Current generations of nuclear submarines never need to be refuelled throughout their 25-year lifespans. Conversely, the limited power stored in electric batteries means that even the most advanced conventional submarine can only remain submerged for a few days at slow speed, and only a few hours at top speed.

The advantages of a nuclear powered submarine are:

  1. Do not need to surface.
  2. Operate at high speed.
  3. Never need to be refuelled.

The source of energy for a nuclear submarine is contained within. The source of energy for a normal submarine is external.

Which submarine most closely resembles how an inspired person gets their energy?

My answer is influenced by the stories I have read of men and women who have been unjustly imprisoned for long periods of time without any outside creative input. They often have stories that declare that a thought or idea was with them through their ordeal in a way that prevented them from giving up.
These people still have their inspiration intact when they are released from prison. They may have been submerged in prison for years without any creative input and yet they have survived.

All of us are given certain creative supplies and these supplies have the ability to regenerate if outside supply is not available.

You have within you an unlimited ability to be creative.

Your imagination never runs out, your thoughts are never depleted. It may feel like they have been exhausted, but your provision is never exhausted.
You may be tired, but the inspiring ability within is never tired and does not sleep. Our abundance comes from within.

You may be looking at your circumstances right now and thinking how depleted everything is, but inwardly you have an abundance of ingenious ideas.
And you do not have to pump yourself up artificially by emotional gymnastics with jumping and shouting and crying and laughing. Your spring flows naturally day and night whether you are conscious of it or not.
All that you need… to live the life you have always wanted to live is already deposited within.
Because the ability to believe is always there.

The culture in a lot of communities is to tell you that after your initial inspiration you will experience hard times. You may experience hard times but how you go through those hard times will depend on whether you have learnt to access your inner resources or whether you will pick up the bad habits of the naysayers around you who are totally influenced by what they see.
They are dependent on the rain which is always inconsistent, they are dependent on their fellow pessimists but you are dependent on the believing power within you. People get caught up in politics and arguments.
We need community and we need good friends and family, but they are not our ultimate source. Our inspiration comes from an internal spring not an external spring.
Remember, guard the good deposit that is within you.

Guard it from doubt and unbelief.


Chapter 27

You have an “internal” spring of living ideas flowing effortlessly from your imagination.
It is bubbling up and out of you 24 hrs a day. It is unceasing!
Therefore it is reliable and stable. Around you may be absolute turmoil but within you is a completely predictable supply of inspiration and energy.
If the inspiration never fails…you never fail!
The source of success that you have always been looking for is within you.
Wherever you are…success will flow and turn the barren desert into a garden. You have the ability, to cause every situation to flourish.

In the past your experience may have been the opposite because you had a desert self-image.
Now your mind can be filled with images of a:
Well-watered garden.
A beautiful garden.
Successful garden.
A garden without weeds.
Fruitful and productive garden.

You are able to produce inspirational ideas.
And you have been equipped with a spring of self-belief.
You carry all the ingredients for a flourishing life within you.
Wherever you are planted…a garden appears!
Living under the influence of inspired thinking is now normal.
People will eventually see the change.
They will have to believe in you.
The seeds of self-respect were always planted within you.
Now is their time to germinate.
The end result will be what you have always wanted.
You will be able to say, “I love my new idea.”
Congratulations from your New Ideas Coach.
“Well Done.”

Thank you for taking the time to read my book.
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Tony Your new Ideas Coach.