Motivate You Upwards

Three things to motivate you endlessly upwards into a new energy level.
The first is, know where the energy comes from.
The second is, fight lethargy before it gets a foothold.
The third is, write “return to sender” on every letter and package that is negative.
Let us move along from damage control, to a new phase that includes these words.
Rebuild, restore and refresh.
Three positive words.

Energy comes from your head or your heart.
It is an invisible wind and therefore you need invisible wings.
Wings that can catch that energy and change it into encouragement.
Yes, a wave of encouragement can cause you to soar into the sky of endless possibilities.
Freedom from lethargy is now possible.

Now let us do what a hot air balloon pilot does.
The person flying a hot air balloon unties the sandbags that are holding it down.
And it naturally ascends upward.
The wings of a bird work because the shape of their wings causes the air to flow over the top of their wing faster than it flows over the bottom of their wing.

Right now, positive and negative words and images are flowing through your mind.
If the negative message gets the upper hand you may go from happy to sad.
But if the positive message gains the upper hand you can go from sad to happy.
Hot air balloons work because hot air is lighter than cold air.
More hot air than cold air and you fly.
More cold air than hot air and you fall.
Two different ways to fly.
Two different reasons for things to fly.

Happy thoughts work like hot air and they lift you up.
Sad thoughts work like cold air and weigh you down.
To fly the hot air balloon you turn on the gas and flames shoot out and heat up the air inside the balloon.
How to do this in our thought life?
How to increase the power of the positive message?
Everyone has tried to do this in a thousand different ways.
Sometimes they succeed and sometimes not.

The two examples of flying have one unpleasant truth.
The bird or plane has to land at some point in time.
And also the balloon always has to come back to earth.
How depressing..!!

It depends on how you view the situation.
Is landing the plane, just a break between flights?
Or are the flights what you do between landings?
Do we live to work or work to live?

The Germans live to work.
One of their comedians says that Germans laugh after the work is done.
But the British laugh before the work is done.
The people in Greece know how to enjoy themselves.
Still the question remains.
How to be more positive and hopefully happier?

Let us break it down into the basics.
Cold ice cream and hot apple pie work well together.
Opposites sometimes go together and make a great meal.
We say, “This works”.

We have a machine to make the ice cream cold.
And a different machine to make the apple pie hot.
Two different machines, doing the opposite.
One machine makes things cold.
The other machine makes things hot.
Yet both are doing a good job.

Usually, we say negative thoughts are bad and positive thoughts are good.
We have an oven and a fridge, but both are good.
Perhaps negative thoughts just have a different job.
And positive thoughts also have a different job.

Like the brake and accelerator on your car.
They do the opposite job, but both are good.
A car is designed to move and stop and then move again and stop.

What if humans are designed to be happy and then sad and then happy again?
Suddenly negative thoughts are just doing their job.
Their job is to slow you down.
And then our positive thoughts get us going again.

We feel bad if we get sad and depressed.
Our goal is to be happy all the time.
But what if we are not designed to be happy all the time?

Maybe we are designed to operate like our car.
Happy, then sad, then happy again.

If you are flying high at the moment, don’t worry about landing with a thud.
If you are sad at the moment, maybe this is temporary.

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer.
Decide what season you are in right now.
You are only ever two seasons away from Spring or Summer.

Unless you live at the North or South Pole?

Written by Tony Egar.

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