Good Leadership

Do You Need to make a Decision?

Today I felt to pray and support our leaders.
This is not always a popular suggestion or topic.
Hebrews 13:17 tells us to have confidence in our leaders.
Because they keep watch over us.
And 1 Thessalonians 5:13 says;
“Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work.”

Today I felt that Gods heart is very much for his leader’s and for his people.
May I encourage you not to fret, or be fainthearted.
Our leaders need us to stand with them shoulder to shoulder, to rise up and to cheer them on.

Our leaders need our support, prayers and encouragement so their work will be a joy and not a burden.
We are to hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work.

In some forests the trees are far apart.
But under the ground the roots are joined together.
These days some of us feel so far from our leaders.
We don’t think that what happens to them affects us in our normal daily life.
But underneath all that’s going on in our lives and around the world, we are still connected to our leaders.

Surprise, surprise!

Behind the scene we are all connected.

Together we can ask God to help us put our confidence in our leaders.
Let us acknowledge them, their position and their authority to lead.
In doing this there is a great reward.
Because we all benefit from good leadership.
It will be to our advantage and profit, if God blesses our leaders with the wisdom they need. And the moral strength to make right decisions.
We all agree that right decisions lead to a better life.

Let us make a straight and smooth path for our leaders by praying for them.
And speaking well of them so they can proceed with boldness and confidence.
Then they will be equipped to point us in the right direction moving forward.

Perhaps you are a leader who has experienced a lack of support.
And your journey has been a lonely one.
You may feel disappointed and your confidence appears to have vanished.

People are praying for you right now, they are depending on you and looking to you to lead them.
You are not alone.

Don’t throw away your confidence.
Put your cloak back on, it’s time to lead.
Confidence looks good on you!

When you make a heart decision to rise up and lead.
God will anoint you with fresh fire.
You will run into a new level of strong leadership.

Written by Lorna Egar.

I hope you have been encouraged by this word.
And that it has released a gift of grace into your situation.

God bless from Lorna.




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