The Lamp


How To Grow Your Faith

I read part of a book recently, about a couple who had lost a family member.
I am not sure whether the book was based on a true story,
I did not finish the book,
but I enjoyed the part I read.
This is the outline of the story.

After the loss of their family member, this couple met a man who told them about an old lamp he had found among his grandmother’s possessions.
Apparently his grandmother believed the lamp always bought good fortune for the person who had it in their home.
This man told this grieving couple that he would like for them to have it as a gift.

They did not want to embarrass him, so they accepted his offer.
They took the lamp home and put it in their garage.
A few months later, they began to notice a slight improvement in their circumstances.
They had been through such a dark time, any improvement was welcome.
Of course, they wondered whether there was any connection with the lamp.
Their curiosity was stirred.
They even got the lamp out of the garage and placed it in the house.
When they did this, they felt slightly happier.
Not long after, they were speaking to the man who gave them the lamp and told him what was happening.
He was surprised by what they told him, because he had found a second lamp among his grandmother’s belongings.
Therefore, he was not sure which lamp was the actual lamp that was supposed to bring good fortune.

I stopped reading the book at this point,
but I had read enough to see that it was a great story,
about our believing and its effect on us.
You and I know, we do not have to believe in an object.
The thing I most enjoyed about this story;
it is sometimes easier to believe in something else than it is to believe in ourselves.
I hope that your believing switch will be turned on by a better lamp.
We have a different lamp.

The Bible is our lamp.
Psalm 119:105
Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light for my path.

Get your Bible “lamp” out.
And put it in the centre of your life.

Are you struggling in your faith?
In 2011, I decided to do an experiment.
For 3 years from February 2011, until January 2014.
I read the New Testament out loud every week.
It took me more than 20 hours a week.
The reason I did this is.
I wanted to learn how to grow my faith.

2 Corinthians 4:13 links faith and speaking together.
“I believe;
therefore I speak.”

Everything in my life started to change for the better.
I had found the answer.
Reading the Bible out loud does build up your faith.
I did complete my three years and wrote a book about my experience.
Called “How To Be Rich in Faith”.
This book is about my experiment to read the 27 books of the New Testament out loud every week.
That was my plan for some self-improvement.
A plan to change my life.
It was not easy, but I did complete my course.
One of the interesting results,
was an improvement in my health that was measurable.

The second result was a burst of creativity that continues to this day.
The third result was a new sense of purpose.
The fourth result was becoming a better husband and father.
My wife and children will testify to that.
The fifth result was the most important one.
My faith grew and continues to grow.

The sixth result was exciting.
I discovered hidden gifts that surprised me.
The good news is.
The harvest of faith from sowing all that Word is still getting stronger.
About a year after my experiment, I got motivated again.
But I decided to do things a little differently.
I didn’t read the whole New Testament.
Instead I chose 4 books.

Here is a list of the books from the New Testament [Bible].
I started to read them out loud every day.
And my faith started to grow again.
This was easier and faster.
I did this for 6 years:
My wife Lorna also did this experiment.
She was changed in a big way.

Now we are doing a new experiment.

May 2023


Do you want to go to a new level of faith?
Join us for our latest faith adventure.
Read the book of Hebrews out loud every day.

One book is easier.
Hebrews is a book that mentions faith a lot.

Let everyone know about your faith journey in the comments section.
Let us know who you are and tell us a little of your story.
Join us in this adventure for the next year and change your faith level.
In 12 months you will be a different person.
You will become a person of great faith.
We want to help you go to a new level of faith.

Thanks, from Tony and Lorna.
Brisbane, Australia.


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