Your Inner Beauty


Our wedding day went well. 
I have just pulled up to the Hilton Hotel and Lorna has gone inside to check in to the expensive honeymoon suite.
I am driving Lorna’s car because I have been in College for the last two years. 
Money is a bit tight. 
As I start the car to go down to the overnight parking, the starter motor refuses to co-operate.
The hotel staff give me a hand by pushing the car while I jump in to put it in gear. 
The car starts up and I am away.
I wish that did not have to happen right in front of that posh hotel with all those people looking on. 
We got a new starter motor fitted and after that there was no problem.

When your spirit is encouraged, it is changed from unwilling to willing.
From sleepy to energised.
From unmotivated to motivated.

Not long after the Hilton Hotel episode we had more car trouble. 
This time the engine itself needed replacing.
Lorna and I were about to drive from Adelaide to Port Augusta. 
Then we were going to put the car and ourselves on the train to Alice Springs. 
After that we were going to drive over a long bit of rough road to the outback town of Katherine in the Northern Territory.
We found a mechanic who could replace the old engine with an almost brand new engine.

It took them 3 days.
When we returned to pick up the car it looked exactly the same on the outside.
In fact it was a little dirtier as the mechanic had not bothered to clean up his mess.
The good news is…it performed perfectly and got us all the way from Adelaide to the top end of Australia.
Let me turn this into a parable. 
When someone gets hyper-encouraged, they know that something big has happened on the inside. 
But because we live in a world that pays so much attention to outward appearance, discouragement comes along and steals away our self-esteem. 
We forget the encouraging words that have come our way.
We need to stop focusing our attention on the exterior.

When Lorna was pregnant, she had a glow about her the whole time.
I know this is not everyone’s experience.
It was as if the reality of carrying her own child…was to Lorna an experience that shrouded her in wonder.
What was happening on the inside was reflected visually. 
Her beauty actually increased while she was pregnant with both our children.

Do you realise what a powerful change has occurred on the inside of you? 
Encouragement has the power.
Deep down inside… you have been transformed in the most beautiful of ways.
It is beyond human explanation.

Years ago, at my youngest sister’s wedding, the best man mentioned his recent trip to Pakistan in his speech.
He liked to travel.
He was a good speaker and managed to keep us interested and entertained, his name was Andy.
I had never met him before that night.

A couple of days later my wife and I were in the city centre when we looked up and saw Andy walking along in our direction.
This was a completely random event.
We had to remind him who we were and where we had met previously.
We told him that we had thoroughly enjoyed his speech.
After we all got over the surprise of randomly meeting.
Andy informed us of his plans to drive up to Alice Springs with two other young men.
This would take them about three days.
It was a rough drive through the Australian outback.
Andy sure loved travelling!

A few days later the bad news came.
One of the young men had fallen asleep while driving, the car had rolled at high speed and Andy was thrown around in the back of the car.
Andy was now completely paralysed.
He was a quadriplegic.

Andy found himself in a very empty place.
He dug down deep and found the answer to his situation.
He chose to believe!

The decision to believe is the source of all encouragement.
He went on to become an example for us all.
And he still remains a person who believes.
He went on to build a life for himself.
Can you imagine the discouragement.
But he still decided to believe.

Tony Egar.

Lifted Up to a Higher Place

The following story motivated me when I read how much this teenager from England had achieved starting from something small and persevering until something large happened.
Her believing made everything possible.
And this is what happened to this troubled young girl from England.
“Everything became possible.”

While going through a hard time she was encouraged to help out on a charity walk. 
She found that she was good at walking. 
Her self-esteem was boosted by the realisation that she was good at something, even if it was the simple act of walking. 
She was able to keep going after the other people wanted to stop.
She came up with the idea to do a charity walk from the top of England to the bottom. 
After she completed that goal, she decided to walk across the U.S.A.
Eventually she walked across Australia, then from South Africa to Morocco.
Up through Spain, then France and finally back to Britain.
She received a hero’s welcome.
This young Lady had walked around the world!
It is such a small gift to be able to walk long distances. 
But she used her gift to elevate herself above her companions.
Now she was in a position of influence.
She was able to help other troubled young teenagers to believe in themselves.
It was amazing to see how many people helped her to achieve this dream.

This is the usual response by the public and others that are close to you.
People are always ready to help anyone with a plan.

It is almost strange to watch people give of their time and finances, for a project they can believe in.

Last night I saw a program on T.V. about an Australian man who had been very successful in the film industry.
He was involved in the sales and promotion of large Hollywood films.
He had gone on a holiday to Cambodia and while he was there he became interested in the welfare of the local people.

One thing led to another and he ended up visiting the local garbage dump where he saw some of the poorest people he had ever seen.
They were trying to make a living picking through the rubbish.
As he was experiencing this; his mobile phone rang.

On the other end of the phone was a famous movie star and her agent.
They were about to get on a private jet he had organised for them as part of a film promotion.
This movie star was not very happy with him because the wrong food had been organised for her flight.
This movie star said to him, while he was standing in the middle of this rubbish and human misery.

“Why does my life have to be this difficult?”

In that moment he knew that he could not go back to Hollywood.
He had to stay in Cambodia and help these poor struggling people.
He could see the contrast between his life in Hollywood and the lives of the people scavenging for a living around him
His heart opened up and grace flowed.
Since then he has raised up a school and medical clinic.
He has even gone back to Hollywood to raise money for his dream.
And because he believes…others have started believing and assisting him financially or with their time and effort.
This man sold nearly everything he owned so he could help these Cambodians.
He actually became poor so that they might become richer.
His wealth was transferred to them.
It lifted them up into a better life.

Grace releases grace.
A thought becomes a stream; which becomes a river.

You suddenly realise you have the ability to walk a long distance.
Or a different lifestyle can appear before you.
And then your heart turns within you.
You were going in one direction and now you are facing the other way.

Both of these people could not have achieved their goals without the help of others.
Grace can flow towards you and under-gird you so that all your needs are met.
We only have to believe; this grace is available.

It may appear in our lives as the smallest idea but in the end it can remove every mountain and fill up every valley.
Grace is free.
It has the power to enable you to achieve all your goals and dreams.
There is no limit to undeserved favour.
People can show you unusual kindness.
There is no waiting period.
Are you ready?

The largest river in Australia is called the River Murray.
When I was a teenager my friend’s parents hired a houseboat for a holiday on the River Murray.
Parts of the river are separated from each other by artificial locks.
These locks stop the river from running dry during periods of drought.
When you travel up the river against the current in a houseboat, you have to go inside one of these locks at different stages of your journey.

Very large steel doors close behind the boat.
The lock master opens up an enormous pipe that lets water flow from the high side of the river into the lock.
The houseboat starts to rise until it is level with the river on the high side of the lock.
Then a different set of steel doors open and the boat is released out into the wide open upper spaces of the River Murray.
The houseboat is so heavy and we are so weak in comparison.
But all the engineers do is tap into the ability and power of the river.

They open a pipe…water flows out and we float up to a new level.
We then continue our journey on this new level without a care in the world.

Why not start to do something about it.
If you are going to start your dream this week please let someone know about it.
Sometimes it helps to share your dream, so people that read or hear about your dream can encourage you even if they do not know you or have only just met you.

Perhaps they have come into your life for a reason that is not immediately obvious.
Our actions and decisions can motivate others to believe and inspire them to make the tough decisions.
When people gather together and agree together, nothing is impossible.
Your friends and family will respect you for your perseverance.
They might even join you on your adventure.

Tony Egar.

Motivated and Encouraged

Remember what it was like when you were motivated and encouraged.
No-one could stop you doing what you were meant to do.
Yes, a very important job was in front of you.
Someone had to take a chance.
And now here you are, standing on the spot that your destiny has prepared.
The right person and the best opportunity.
To save the planet from it’s present madness.
Speak the truth in all it’s fullness..!!
Sharpen your tongue and freshen your mind.
Because words are about to come forth to change the world.
Families will be set free from the hunger that comes from a famine of truth.
Settle down into the rhythm that follows a different drum.
A small echo that reflects a thousand voices.
An ear to hear what you propose.
Semi-trailers in Australia haul supplies from the big cities to the small country towns.
And then return to the cities full of produce from the farms, cattle and sheep stations.
No-one questions this supply cycle and neither should they.
What is to question?
It is the way life works.
Round and round, endlessly circling the cycle of life.
Our thoughts do the same thing.
Wrestling between questions and answers, now we know it and now we do not.
Please free us from all unnecessary mental activity.
Peace in the mind and heart is true peace.
Put your hand up and yell, “stop”.
The music has gone quiet and the game is finished.
The problem we are left with is this.
How to sift the relevant from the irrelevant.
The rational from the irrational.
Imagine you are one of the drivers supplying the city and country towns with your big truck.
Suddenly you are relevant and rational.
Basically, you are the link that keeps the people alive because you are feeding them.
But in this wide world of talk and stale idea’s, people are sensing a famine of new idea’s that is just below the surface.
Here comes the clarity.
New idea’s and old idea’s are different ends of the same stick.
A stick that assaults us day and night from the rubbish media.
What to think, how to talk.
It’s force is deafening.
We try to hold back the tide, but it flows over us and we are submerged.
Yes, nearly drowning under the social pressure that gushes from the computer, T.V or mobile phone.
School children killing themselves or being killed by someone’s opinion.
Teachers being restrained by “culture”.
The truth being sold too cheaply and lies being held up as truth.
Their truth maybe, but not “the” truth.
True wisdom has two sides.
Please tell us both sides of the story.
Even a winner needs someone to come second.
A race is always against something, even it is only your past performance.
It is called resistance training, if one side manages to silence the other side, we are in deep trouble.
Something can only have value in a world where something else has no value.
Every opinion is only half the story.
You can only be 100% right when the other person is 100% wrong.
Anything in between is nearly there, but not there completely.
Here is my final question.

How can you be happy, if you have never been sad?

Written by Tony Egar.

Therapy for Motivation

You are chasing a rabbit, a fox and a polar bear.
Sorry, I got the last bit wrong.
The polar bear is chasing you.
You chase the rabbit for food.
You are chasing the fox to move it away from your chickens.
The polar bear is chasing you, to attack you.
Everyone has a different motivation.
Sometimes we chase people because they just robbed our house.
You chase the robber, the robber does not chase you.
What do we do when someone steals our happiness?
We might chase them and catch them, but how do we prove they have our happiness?
Can happiness really be stolen?
Or does the suspected thief replace it with a fake.
They tell you that you should be grateful for their help.
That you are lucky to have them in your life.
They try to confuse the situation by throwing up lots of clever arguments.
But you know that you were happier before they came into your life.
Someone has stolen your joy because when you look into your joy jar, it is nearly empty.
A short while ago it was nearly full.
Very suspicious?
And where did this tinge of sadness come from.
It was not here last week.
It has appeared recently.
What a puzzle, what a mystery?

The end result can manifest as a very real lack of motivation.
Help, I need someone to encourage me..!!

Motivation and encouragement are free.
But that is a problem, because it means you cannot buy it.
If we could buy motivation, we would be fully motivated every day.
We would high-five everyone at work.
We would jump out of bed, full of joy and energy.
So if you cannot buy motivation, you also cannot buy happiness.
You can buy things that make you happy.
You are happy to be able to pay your bills.
But after you have paid your bills and purchased your new car.
What do we do about our happiness.

Maybe we could steal some.
If people can steal our happiness, why not steal theirs.
The problem is this.
You can steal a person’s happiness.
But as that happiness leaves them, it disappears.
You cannot transfer someone else’s happiness into your life.
It has to be given as a gift from that person to you.
You cannot do it by force.

So here is how it works.
You can steal happiness by making someone un-happy.
But you will not be happy.
The trick to receiving happiness is to give it away in the form of a gift.
Everyone knows the joy of giving.
When you give a gift, you feel happy.

Let’s go back to chasing the rabbit and the fox.
You are chasing them for a very logical reason.
To eat the rabbit.
To protect your chickens you are chasing the fox.

Next minute you are chasing a robber down the street.
Why, because they have robbed your house.
Makes sense.

Thoughts work in a similar way.
You can feed on a thought.
You can drive a thought away.
Or a thought can chase you and catch you and imprison you.

So, thoughts can steal our happiness.
Yes, because happiness manifests through your brain.
Here is the big problem.
How to control your thoughts?
This is nearly impossible.

The answer is, look at what you can control.
You can control your actions.
Decide today to be a giver and not a taker.
Decide to be generous.
When you make someone else happy, you get happy.
Or take the short way to happiness that everyone around you is doing.

Buy a dog.

Written by Tony Egar.

Motivate You Upwards

Three things to motivate you endlessly upwards into a new energy level.
The first is, know where the energy comes from.
The second is, fight lethargy before it gets a foothold.
The third is, write “return to sender” on every letter and package that is negative.
Let us move along from damage control, to a new phase that includes these words.
Rebuild, restore and refresh.
Three positive words.

Energy comes from your head or your heart.
It is an invisible wind and therefore you need invisible wings.
Wings that can catch that energy and change it into encouragement.
Yes, a wave of encouragement can cause you to soar into the sky of endless possibilities.
Freedom from lethargy is now possible.

Now let us do what a hot air balloon pilot does.
The person flying a hot air balloon unties the sandbags that are holding it down.
And it naturally ascends upward.
The wings of a bird work because the shape of their wings causes the air to flow over the top of their wing faster than it flows over the bottom of their wing.

Right now, positive and negative words and images are flowing through your mind.
If the negative message gets the upper hand you may go from happy to sad.
But if the positive message gains the upper hand you can go from sad to happy.
Hot air balloons work because hot air is lighter than cold air.
More hot air than cold air and you fly.
More cold air than hot air and you fall.
Two different ways to fly.
Two different reasons for things to fly.

Happy thoughts work like hot air and they lift you up.
Sad thoughts work like cold air and weigh you down.
To fly the hot air balloon you turn on the gas and flames shoot out and heat up the air inside the balloon.
How to do this in our thought life?
How to increase the power of the positive message?
Everyone has tried to do this in a thousand different ways.
Sometimes they succeed and sometimes not.

The two examples of flying have one unpleasant truth.
The bird or plane has to land at some point in time.
And also the balloon always has to come back to earth.
How depressing..!!

It depends on how you view the situation.
Is landing the plane, just a break between flights?
Or are the flights what you do between landings?
Do we live to work or work to live?

The Germans live to work.
One of their comedians says that Germans laugh after the work is done.
But the British laugh before the work is done.
The people in Greece know how to enjoy themselves.
Still the question remains.
How to be more positive and hopefully happier?

Let us break it down into the basics.
Cold ice cream and hot apple pie work well together.
Opposites sometimes go together and make a great meal.
We say, “This works”.

We have a machine to make the ice cream cold.
And a different machine to make the apple pie hot.
Two different machines, doing the opposite.
One machine makes things cold.
The other machine makes things hot.
Yet both are doing a good job.

Usually, we say negative thoughts are bad and positive thoughts are good.
We have an oven and a fridge, but both are good.
Perhaps negative thoughts just have a different job.
And positive thoughts also have a different job.

Like the brake and accelerator on your car.
They do the opposite job, but both are good.
A car is designed to move and stop and then move again and stop.

What if humans are designed to be happy and then sad and then happy again?
Suddenly negative thoughts are just doing their job.
Their job is to slow you down.
And then our positive thoughts get us going again.

We feel bad if we get sad and depressed.
Our goal is to be happy all the time.
But what if we are not designed to be happy all the time?

Maybe we are designed to operate like our car.
Happy, then sad, then happy again.

If you are flying high at the moment, don’t worry about landing with a thud.
If you are sad at the moment, maybe this is temporary.

Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer.
Decide what season you are in right now.
You are only ever two seasons away from Spring or Summer.

Unless you live at the North or South Pole?

Written by Tony Egar.

My Secret of Driving Backwards

My Secret of Driving Backwards.
I first discovered my desire for driving backwards while driving the tractor on my family’s farm.
When I saw someone driving a car backwards on a public road I was shocked.
There were other people just like me.
People who feel like me.

I decided to tell my parents about my secret.
They were not happy.
They told me it was illegal to drive backwards.
So I became politically active.
Our numbers grew and finally we got the law changed.
Society also changed their attitude.
We were no longer told we were wrong.
It was no longer a sin.

Even some religious people and their leaders accepted us.
What a weak response they had.
They knew their Book forbids driving backwards.
So they just ignored what was in their Book.
If their God is real why is he so relaxed about our behaviour?
It seemed like everyone was okay with what we do.
We started to influence young drivers to consider driving backwards.
The media gave us a lot of attention because we were interesting.
We seemed to be everywhere.

But the conservatives opposed us all the way.
They said it was, “not natural to drive backwards”.
They said,” cars were designed to be driven forwards”.
They said there was a judgement day.
We did not care.
We all agreed we could do anything we wanted.
When we wanted and how we wanted.
Our argument was, “We love to drive backwards”.
How can something you love be wrong?
If you love it…it must be okay.

The conservatives said there will be more accidents.
But we replied, “We will drive carefully”.
If we respect their right to drive forwards, shouldn’t they respect our right to drive backwards?
Now the car makers were making cars that could go either way.
What a victory we were enjoying.
Everyone was congratulating us for standing up for our rights.

In the middle of this wonderful atmosphere, I decided to check the facts about car design.
I looked up the history of cars and found a man called Henry Ford.
He was credited with being the father of the modern car.
I discovered that all cars were originally designed to be driven forwards.
This made me think about the negative results of driving backwards.
First of all it takes a lot of effort.
I did have a sore neck and back.
It was hard to drive that way after the initial thrill wore off.

One day Mr Ford visited me in a dream and told me to repent before I wasted my life going the wrong way.
Here is what he said, “Some people don’t like… the number 13.
When they build high rise buildings they call the thirteenth floor number 14.
But that does not change which floor is really the thirteenth floor.
It just changes the name.”

When I woke up I realised Mr Ford was giving me a message.
No matter how hard you try… you cannot make driving backwards normal even if you call it normal.
Changing the law does not make an unnatural lifestyle…natural.

You cannot argue against the original design.
Driving backward will always be abnormal.
I do not want to admit it, but even though I like driving backwards.

I knew in my heart of hearts that something was wrong.
But I had built my house of cards and I was not going to repent.

In the end I decided that I could live a lie… as long as everyone around me supported that lie.

The truth is very unpopular at the moment.
Even some of the religious folk have turned away from their Book.
And voted for a lie.

Written by Number 13.


Are all left-wingers climate-change believers?
And pro-abortion supporters?
Recently we had a climate-change rally in the city of Brisbane.
The protesters wanted to save the planet for the future generation.
For their unborn children.
That is a very noble thought.
But these same protesters support abortion.
Demanding a woman’s right to have an abortion.
These people want to save the planet for children who don’t yet exist.
But they are happy to terminate an unborn child.



The way they explain this is not so clever or compassionate.
They argue that a foetus is not a human.
They decide when the baby in the womb is developed enough.
How convenient..!!

How inconvenient for the child.

Let me ask you a question?
Would you be happy to let these left-wingers decide whether you existed or not?
If your mother had aborted you…would that be okay?
Some of you would probably say yes.
But the great majority of you would not have liked…to be terminated.

If you added up all the deaths that happened in your country yesterday.
Would the total equal the number of abortions?
The nightly news always has a sad story of some poor person who died from a sickness or car accident.
And the younger the person…the sadder the story.
No-one likes to see little children suffer.
By now you are probably as angry as hell.
But for one minute just imagine that all unborn children are exactly that.


And just imagine all the love and potential that is being destroyed.
Why do people get upset over a miscarriage and don’t bat an eyelid over an abortion?

The conclusion may be…the left-wingers always love an idea that makes their life easier.
An unwanted pregnancy can be so annoying.

So let’s just call it a thing and then…remove it [or her/or him].
By the way…I think the climate/atmosphere is getting hotter.
Are you feeling uncomfortable?
Was it something I said?

The basis for stopping capital punishment in Australia was to protect the innocent.
History has many examples of innocent or falsely accused people being wrongly executed by the authorities of the day.
A mistake was made in the justice system and some poor soul paid the price.
Is it possible that the same thing is happening with abortion?

The greatest example of innocence is a child who is yet unborn.
Where is their justice?
Where is their voice?

The insanity of it all… is the fact that in Australia we have stronger laws to protect our animals than we do our unborn children.
If I go outside my house and kill that noisy bird, I could be charged if it was a protected species.

But if I wanted to terminate an unwanted pregnancy all I have to do is pick up the phone and book an appointment.
An animal is a thing, yet it is protected.

The left-wingers call a foetus a thing and suddenly it is unprotected.
Are the innocent crying out for justice?
When we legalise something… we normalise it.
And when we normalise it, we give it our approval.

A foetus is not a thing, it is a person.
Have a heart moment and show some compassion and mercy.
Become a life-giver.

Saving a human life is the most honourable thing you will ever do.
Crown yourself with a bit of glory.
We are called to save lives.
That is what sets us apart.

If you know someone who is considering an abortion.
Please influence them to have a change of heart.
The opportunity may never come your way again.
You could play a part that you will be proud of forever.

Politics has no right to determine whether someone lives or dies.
A good person will always make a good decision.
Are you a good person?
The unborn think you are.
And one day they will thank you..!!

Please God… remove all the politicians in Australia who support abortion.
And replace them with politicians who support the rights of the unborn children to live.
“How long will you waver between two opinions?”
! Kings 18:21