Lifted Up to a Higher Place

The following story motivated me when I read how much this teenager from England had achieved starting from something small and persevering until something large happened.
Her believing made everything possible.
And this is what happened to this troubled young girl from England.
“Everything became possible.”

While going through a hard time she was encouraged to help out on a charity walk. 
She found that she was good at walking. 
Her self-esteem was boosted by the realisation that she was good at something, even if it was the simple act of walking. 
She was able to keep going after the other people wanted to stop.
She came up with the idea to do a charity walk from the top of England to the bottom. 
After she completed that goal, she decided to walk across the U.S.A.
Eventually she walked across Australia, then from South Africa to Morocco.
Up through Spain, then France and finally back to Britain.
She received a hero’s welcome.
This young Lady had walked around the world!
It is such a small gift to be able to walk long distances. 
But she used her gift to elevate herself above her companions.
Now she was in a position of influence.
She was able to help other troubled young teenagers to believe in themselves.
It was amazing to see how many people helped her to achieve this dream.

This is the usual response by the public and others that are close to you.
People are always ready to help anyone with a plan.

It is almost strange to watch people give of their time and finances, for a project they can believe in.

Last night I saw a program on T.V. about an Australian man who had been very successful in the film industry.
He was involved in the sales and promotion of large Hollywood films.
He had gone on a holiday to Cambodia and while he was there he became interested in the welfare of the local people.

One thing led to another and he ended up visiting the local garbage dump where he saw some of the poorest people he had ever seen.
They were trying to make a living picking through the rubbish.
As he was experiencing this; his mobile phone rang.

On the other end of the phone was a famous movie star and her agent.
They were about to get on a private jet he had organised for them as part of a film promotion.
This movie star was not very happy with him because the wrong food had been organised for her flight.
This movie star said to him, while he was standing in the middle of this rubbish and human misery.

“Why does my life have to be this difficult?”

In that moment he knew that he could not go back to Hollywood.
He had to stay in Cambodia and help these poor struggling people.
He could see the contrast between his life in Hollywood and the lives of the people scavenging for a living around him
His heart opened up and grace flowed.
Since then he has raised up a school and medical clinic.
He has even gone back to Hollywood to raise money for his dream.
And because he believes…others have started believing and assisting him financially or with their time and effort.
This man sold nearly everything he owned so he could help these Cambodians.
He actually became poor so that they might become richer.
His wealth was transferred to them.
It lifted them up into a better life.

Grace releases grace.
A thought becomes a stream; which becomes a river.

You suddenly realise you have the ability to walk a long distance.
Or a different lifestyle can appear before you.
And then your heart turns within you.
You were going in one direction and now you are facing the other way.

Both of these people could not have achieved their goals without the help of others.
Grace can flow towards you and under-gird you so that all your needs are met.
We only have to believe; this grace is available.

It may appear in our lives as the smallest idea but in the end it can remove every mountain and fill up every valley.
Grace is free.
It has the power to enable you to achieve all your goals and dreams.
There is no limit to undeserved favour.
People can show you unusual kindness.
There is no waiting period.
Are you ready?

The largest river in Australia is called the River Murray.
When I was a teenager my friend’s parents hired a houseboat for a holiday on the River Murray.
Parts of the river are separated from each other by artificial locks.
These locks stop the river from running dry during periods of drought.
When you travel up the river against the current in a houseboat, you have to go inside one of these locks at different stages of your journey.

Very large steel doors close behind the boat.
The lock master opens up an enormous pipe that lets water flow from the high side of the river into the lock.
The houseboat starts to rise until it is level with the river on the high side of the lock.
Then a different set of steel doors open and the boat is released out into the wide open upper spaces of the River Murray.
The houseboat is so heavy and we are so weak in comparison.
But all the engineers do is tap into the ability and power of the river.

They open a pipe…water flows out and we float up to a new level.
We then continue our journey on this new level without a care in the world.

Why not start to do something about it.
If you are going to start your dream this week please let someone know about it.
Sometimes it helps to share your dream, so people that read or hear about your dream can encourage you even if they do not know you or have only just met you.

Perhaps they have come into your life for a reason that is not immediately obvious.
Our actions and decisions can motivate others to believe and inspire them to make the tough decisions.
When people gather together and agree together, nothing is impossible.
Your friends and family will respect you for your perseverance.
They might even join you on your adventure.

Tony Egar.

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