Motivated and Encouraged

Remember what it was like when you were motivated and encouraged.
No-one could stop you doing what you were meant to do.
Yes, a very important job was in front of you.
Someone had to take a chance.
And now here you are, standing on the spot that your destiny has prepared.
The right person and the best opportunity.
To save the planet from it’s present madness.
Speak the truth in all it’s fullness..!!
Sharpen your tongue and freshen your mind.
Because words are about to come forth to change the world.
Families will be set free from the hunger that comes from a famine of truth.
Settle down into the rhythm that follows a different drum.
A small echo that reflects a thousand voices.
An ear to hear what you propose.
Semi-trailers in Australia haul supplies from the big cities to the small country towns.
And then return to the cities full of produce from the farms, cattle and sheep stations.
No-one questions this supply cycle and neither should they.
What is to question?
It is the way life works.
Round and round, endlessly circling the cycle of life.
Our thoughts do the same thing.
Wrestling between questions and answers, now we know it and now we do not.
Please free us from all unnecessary mental activity.
Peace in the mind and heart is true peace.
Put your hand up and yell, “stop”.
The music has gone quiet and the game is finished.
The problem we are left with is this.
How to sift the relevant from the irrelevant.
The rational from the irrational.
Imagine you are one of the drivers supplying the city and country towns with your big truck.
Suddenly you are relevant and rational.
Basically, you are the link that keeps the people alive because you are feeding them.
But in this wide world of talk and stale idea’s, people are sensing a famine of new idea’s that is just below the surface.
Here comes the clarity.
New idea’s and old idea’s are different ends of the same stick.
A stick that assaults us day and night from the rubbish media.
What to think, how to talk.
It’s force is deafening.
We try to hold back the tide, but it flows over us and we are submerged.
Yes, nearly drowning under the social pressure that gushes from the computer, T.V or mobile phone.
School children killing themselves or being killed by someone’s opinion.
Teachers being restrained by “culture”.
The truth being sold too cheaply and lies being held up as truth.
Their truth maybe, but not “the” truth.
True wisdom has two sides.
Please tell us both sides of the story.
Even a winner needs someone to come second.
A race is always against something, even it is only your past performance.
It is called resistance training, if one side manages to silence the other side, we are in deep trouble.
Something can only have value in a world where something else has no value.
Every opinion is only half the story.
You can only be 100% right when the other person is 100% wrong.
Anything in between is nearly there, but not there completely.
Here is my final question.

How can you be happy, if you have never been sad?

Written by Tony Egar.

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